GD Porject - The Stony By Şakir Aykurt

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Published on July 27, 2014

Author: profshaq



Eastern MedIterranean UnIversIty Department of Computer EngINeerIng: Eastern Med I terranean Un I vers I ty Department of Computer Eng IN eer I ng CMPE 406 – Graduation Project Presentation The Stony : An RPG Game By Şakir Aykurt CONTENTS: CONTENTS INTRODUCTION MAIN STRUCTURE OF THE PROJECT STEPS OF IMPLEMENTATION GAMEPLAY CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION: INTRODUCTION Deciding to a game project . Type of game (RPG) and Platforms World of the Stony 3D, 2D perspectives Used softwares tools MAIN STRUCTURE OF THE PROJECT: MAIN STRUCTURE OF THE PROJECT MAIN MENU SCENE NEW GAME CHECK POINTS SETTINGS EXIT LEVEL SCENE 3-D Character Creatures Nature 2-D Health and Mana Bar Crystal counter Joysticks Skill and Fly buttons Pause Button Menu Restart Menu Check points FINAL SCENE TEXT VIEW RETURN MENU Steps of ımplementatıon: Steps of ımplementatıon DRAWING WORK PowerPoint Presentation: DESGINING PowerPoint Presentation: SCRIPTING PowerPoint Presentation: DYNAMIC AND STATIC OBJECTS PowerPoint Presentation: SOUNDS PowerPoint Presentation: MODELS AND TEXTURES PowerPoint Presentation: EFFECTS PowerPoint Presentation: GUI/HUD ( Heads-Up Display ) GAMEPLAY: GAMEPLAY CONCLUSION: CONCLUSION RPG game Need to improve Purpose is to gain m ore skills and abilities in game desinging and developing Thank you: Thank you BY ŞAKİR AYKURT

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