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Published on July 21, 2014

Author: carineallen



PowerPoint Presentation: How to Get More Facebook likes: How to Get More Facebook likes Add help your business grow Make your Website Facebook friendly: Make your Website Facebook friendly Like Box:- Add a Like box to the website so people can easily click on “ likes button” to like your Page without leaving your web-site. / PowerPoint Presentation: Blog Post: Write a blog post about your Facebook Page. / PowerPoint Presentation: Share Button: Integrate your blog posts to include social share buttons, including the “like” button. You’ll increase friends of friends seeing your posts on Facebook pages. / Spend some money: Spend some money Contest: Giving away something in exchange for Likes is a sure way to build up more fans. Just be sure to follow Facebook rules for contest. / PowerPoint Presentation: Facebook Ad Campaign: Run a Facebook ad campaign to reach your exact target market and ask them to like your Page. / Utilize other Social Media networks: Utilize other Social Media networks Pinterest : Share some pins that go to your Facebook Pages. / PowerPoint Presentation: Instagram : Put your Facebook Page URL in your Instagram profile bio. / PowerPoint Presentation: Twitter: Periodically tweet about a conversation going on your Facebook page to get people to the page. / Old School ideas that still work Marketing Classic: Old School ideas that still work Marketing Classic Location: If you have a Physical Location, be sure to have signs that tell people where to find you on Facebook –or better yet, tell people while they are in your place in business. / PowerPoint Presentation: Products: In addition to your website, give customers a link to your Facebook Page on your Product, to increase our business. / PowerPoint Presentation: Business Card: Be sure to have your Facebook Page on all employee business cards and don’t forget to tell people to find you on Facebook when you give them a card. / Send Some E-mail: Send Some E-mail Newsletter: Tell newsletter subscribe about your page and include a link to it in every newsletter / PowerPoint Presentation: E-mail Signature: Include a link to your Facebook page in all employee’s email signature . / Thank you: Thank you

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