Getting Inside the Mind of a Burglar

Information about Getting Inside the Mind of a Burglar

Published on June 3, 2016

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2. Contrary to popular belief, burglars do not always sneak around a house late at night, when everyone is in deep sleep. While this idea is popular TV and movies, this is not always the case in real life. Nowadays, it is common for burglars to attack during daytime, with most of them staying near target homes and waiting until the occupants leave the home for work or school. Burglars, for the most part, continue with their plan by making sure that no one is home. They focus first on the curb appeal, noticing overgrown landscape or lawns, which may indicate a vacant property. Those with well-maintained lawns, however, are also a target. This is because a beautiful front yard will make burglars wonder at the expensive things they can take from inside the house.

3. Plotting the Plan When it comes to their plan, they plot it carefully. They sneak at windows, looking for the desirable home appliances they can take such as flat screen televisions and gaming and entertainment systems. Some of them may also walk through the streets or neighborhoods at night to select the right target. It is also common that burglars will do anything to make sure that they do not look like a crook. They may dress like a sales representative, lawn guy, or pretend to do surveys. Sometimes, they may also knock at doors, asking homeowners for directions or offering services to clean the gutters.

4. Sources:    safety/security/10-ways-to-break-into-a-house.htm Breaking in to the House For homes with unreliable door and window locks, they will easily gain access to the home. They can pick the lock and go immediately to the master bedroom, and look for jewelry pieces, money, and other valuable things. They will also search under the beds, closets, and other storage areas inside the house. Then, they will instantly break into other rooms and look for items such as iPods, laptops, and other appliances with great value. After gathering everything they need, they will ask their partners to take the items into the vehicle. More surprisingly, this scheme will only last for about 12 minutes or less. Burglars, however, will not have a chance breaking into a home with secured door locks and windows. Many locksmiths today offer high quality or pick resistant locks. Some even install home security system for additional defense.

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