God's Creation

Information about God's Creation

Published on August 25, 2009

Author: loida

Source: authorstream.com


God’s creation : God’s creation The fall of Man Slide 2: God filled the earth with living creatures like land, sky and sea creatures Slide 3: God put Adam in the garden and told him to take care of it. God told Adam, "you can eat from any tree in this garden, except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil!" God warned, "If you eat from this tree you will die!" Slide 4: God found that the animals he made were not suitable helpers for Adam, so he made a woman from Adam and named her Eve. Slide 5: Now the snake was very sneaky and he said to Eve," Did God really say you can't eat from that tree in the middle?" "Yes!" replied Eve. "God warned that we will die if we eat from that tree! "You won't die," laughed the snake. "God knows that if you eat of this tree you will be smart like he is!" Slide 6: Eve seeing how delicious the fruit looked and how it would make her smart like God, began to eat it!. Slide 7: She gave some to Adam and he also ate the fruit. As they ate, they felt ashamed and hid behind a bush.!" Slide 8: Adam and Eve made some clothes from leaves. Then they heard God walking in the Garden and hid themselves. Slide 9: God asked," did you eat from the tree I told you not to?“Because you have done this Eve, you will have pain in child birth and your husband will rule over you. And for you Adam," The ground will not grow food unless you work very hard. "I did," answered Adam but Eve gave the fruit to me. Eve interrupted," The snake tricked me and I ate some of the fruit. Slide 10: God said," Man has become like us knowing good and evil. He cannot be allowed to eat of the Tree of Life and live forever. "So God removed Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and put an angel to guard  that Adam and Eve never return to the Garden. Slide 11: The end

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