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Published on July 16, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Goemployed A virtual medium to find right kind of talents for your organization PowerPoint Presentation: Employees strive hard to provide quality work and efficiently manage official chores, to flourish in this competitive world. Often they suffer from depression and other stress related problem, taking toil on their health, so flexibility in working with telecommuting helps them maintain that quality and efficiency in performing tasks with ease. PowerPoint Presentation: Majority of the Employees prefer to stay with their company providing them flexibility in working to effectively maintain work life balance. Which can be done by implementing the popular telecommuting working model. PowerPoint Presentation: Hiring a Virtual Assistant can save your money, time and resources. It is found that onsite Employees cost more than their salary, with additional overhead costs like taxes, holiday pay, benefits, equipment and office space. Companies can create 50% more in productivity and time by outsourcing the extra work to a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistant provides full business support by dealing with administrative, marketing and recruitment tasks. PowerPoint Presentation: Visit the source here: Visit Our Website: www.goemployed.com

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