Published on July 13, 2014

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Green Fuel Briquettes For Sustainable Development: Green Fuel Briquettes For Sustainable Development Introduction: Introduction Briquetting is a way to convert loose biomass residues such as almond shells, rice husk, cotton Salk into high density solid blocks that can be used as bio fuel. Biomass is obtained from agriculture waste and industrial waste. This waste either burnt or dumped into sea but biomass briquetting is the process to convert this waste into useful products. Biomass briquettes or biomass pellets replace fossil fuels for cooking and many industrial processes. They are easier to handle and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Briquetting Plants: Briquetting Plants Briquetting plants are used in certain industries such as ceramic industries, spinning mills, leather industries, and brick making units and so on. Different types of briquetting plants are available in the market. They are easy to operate and maintain. So this is the preferable choice of many industries. This is totally eco-friendly process and it does not make pollution. Biomass Briquette Technology: Biomass Briquette Technology The success of the briquette biomass technology was not only in its simplicity, but in the fact that it offered a sustainable income. Not only are biomass briquettes easy to make, but they allow the rural area to make money in the process. By replacing firewood and charcoal with bio briquettes, producers can increase their income buy 25%. Income generation along with saving our earth makes a sustainable solution to poverty reduction. Biomass Briquettes: Biomass Briquettes Use Of briquettes: Use Of briquettes This is the renewable and sustainable source of energy. Many individual businesses including power plant want to use that type energy . Briquetting machine maker India make best briquetting machinery as per client’s requirement. Biomass briquette is more eco-friendly than any other renewable sources of energy. They produce lower amount of greenhouse gases because it is made by waste material. Briquettes are used in mechanical and production industries where boiler is used. Continue….: Continue…. High pressure briquetting plant can produce over 200 tons per day. About five million tons of biomass briquettes is used in Europe 2010. The best materials for high pressure briquetting are rice husk, sawdust because these contain a high proportion of lignin. Conclusion: Conclusion From the above discussion we can say that biomass briquetting plant is the plant for our environment and our better future. It is a trusted source of Energy. Briquetting plant or briquette press are used as alternative source of energy. PowerPoint Presentation: Toll Free- 1800-300-21222 Radhe Industrial Corporation Rajkot, Gujarat, India   For More Information: PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You

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