Greenroofing and Waterproofing in Los Angeles City

Information about Greenroofing and Waterproofing in Los Angeles City

Published on August 4, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: HOME WATERPROOFING LOS ANGELES WHAT WE DO OUR WORK OUR PRODUCTS CONTACT US Waterproofing in Los Angeles! Whether you are waterproofing a small balcony or multiple building project from subterranean walls waterproofing, to under ground water level raise control, our experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals make it possible to get the job done on time and on budget. You will be satisfied and we'll make sure of that. Waterproofing and coating companies come and go, especially in an incredibly competitive market like Los Angeles. All Weather quality waterproofing business has not only grown, but also flourished. Growing rapidly through the referrals of satisfied clients, All Weather Construction and Coating continue to be one waterproofing company whose quality work has stood the test of time. (888) 422-9993 (310) 836-0800 Greenroofing and Waterproofing in Los Angeles City: Greenroofing and Waterproofing in Los Angeles City What is greenroofing ? A green roof is a permanent rooftop planting system in which a partial or whole of the roof of the building is covered by vegetation. They have most widely been adopted in Germany, and are now slowly gaining traction across the world. In fact, government environmental councils like the Los Angeles Environmental Affairs Department have led out specific guidelines and are advocating the use of green roofs.   Types of greenroofing There are essentially two types. The extensive method has a depth of soil ranging from about 2cm to 12.7cm. Small plants and grass are usually grown in these. The other is intensive greenroofing . Here the minimum depth is 12.8cm and apart from grass, bigger plants can also be grown.   Some benefits of greenroofing 1. It provides thermal insulation to the building, thus providing mass savings on heating and cooling inside the structure. 2. A greenroof protects the waterproof coating or membrane on the roof, prolonging its life and drastically reducing the reroofing costs. 3. Increased sound insulation to the structure. It lowers the outside sound which is getting in, and vice versa. 4. It is a natural habitat for birds, insects and some smaller species. Many of these may be endangered due to rapid urbanisation and do not find a place to naturally survive . 5. It leads to a reduced carbon footprint, as large greenroofs can provide for sufficient carbon absorption from the atmosphere. 6. Provides for an aesthetically pleasing surrounding, where people can go for their ‘evening walks’. 7. Reduces run-off of storm water, as well as cleans the water of heavy environmental pollutants.   In view of these benefits, some cities including Los Angeles have begun incentive programs to promote green roofing and new green roof designs for new constructions. Greenroofing in Los Angeles thus has extensive studies being done over it for maximizing benefits.   Disadvantages or problems with greenroofing The main problem is essentially the cost. The cost can nearly double for a green roof as opposed to a traditional roof. However, the bigger problem arises out of structural implications. Most buildings were not designed to carry the extra load of soil (and the water soaked into it) in their designs. While many buildings can be retrofitted with such roofs, many cannot, and thus have to be bypassed. Also, these could lead to higher maintenance costs. In a city which gets reasonable rainfall, like Los Angeles, waterproofing demands may be higher. This is because more water is retained by the soil , as well as the roots may penetrate the waterproof membrane.   Hence a careful analysis is a must from a structural expert before venturing to putting a greenroof on a building.

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