Growth Hacking Mobile Apps: 3 Critical Growth Tactics

Information about Growth Hacking Mobile Apps: 3 Critical Growth Tactics

Published on June 24, 2016

Author: urbanairship



1. 1 @urbanairship #[email protected] #growthhacking June 23, 2016 Growth Hacking Mobile Apps: 3 Critical Growth Tactics

2. 2 @urbanairship #growthhacking Alyssa Meritt Justin Dunham Director, Strategic Services Lead, Marketing Technology & Analytics

3. 3 @urbanairship #growthhacking Today’s Agenda Introductions What is Growth Hacking … errr, Marketing? Growth Tactics: 1. Retention: Laying the Foundation from the Very Start 2. How (and Why) to Iterate on Your Mobile Campaigns 3. Using Mobile Data to Get the Right Customers Mobile Growth Marketing Key Takeaways & Next Steps

4. 4 @urbanairship #[email protected] #growthhacking What is Growth Marketing?

5. 5 @urbanairship #growthhacking 12M Users Just 1.5 Years After Launch -- Get your free Email at Hotmail

6. 6 @urbanairship #growthhacking Marketing: Traditional vs. Growth Traditional Growth Product Formal relationship Same team Goal Sell Strategically drive revenue, retention, etc. Data “Some things can’t be measured” Data-driven approach Testing Limited Constant APIs and Technology Barrier to be overcome Source of advantage

7. 7 @urbanairship #growthhacking Growth Marketing & Mobile Growth Mobile Product Act as the same team Complete customer experience -- not just a channel Focus Strategically drive revenue Customer experience Data Data-driven approach Seamless data collection Testing Constant Continuous deployment and 1:1 messaging APIs & Technology Source of advantage Many opportunities for creative usage to drive better experience; integrations. Omnichannel

8. 8 @urbanairship #[email protected] #growthhacking Retention: Laying the Foundation from the Very Start

9. 9 @urbanairship #growthhacking If you invest in growth before you have retention, you’re renting users, not acquiring them. -Tarun Mitra

10. 10 @urbanairship #growthhacking You’re Not Just Selling USERBRAND • Reach, engage & retain customers • Generate repeat business • Gain user insight • Operational efficiency • Optimal experiences • Easy & convenient • Save money • Save time • Have fun! • Security • Better deals • Be reminded

11. 11 @urbanairship #growthhacking Build in Habit What is bringing them back?

12. 12 @urbanairship #growthhacking Plan for Retention, Retargeting

13. 13 @urbanairship #[email protected] #growthhacking How (and Why) to Iterate on Your Mobile Campaigns

14. 14 @urbanairship #growthhacking How Are You Using Mobile Data Today? Analytics • Usage • Path analysis • Adoption • Events tracking • Attribution • Usability Aggregate or User Level Insight • Preferences • Behaviors • Locations • Lifecycle • Status Marketing Response • A/B testing • Retargeting • Cross channel messaging ROI Targeting, profiling Messaging, optimization

15. 15 @urbanairship #growthhacking How To Get Better Results ● Articulate our guesses ● Figure out ways to test them ● Act on the data

16. 16 @urbanairship #growthhacking Example Hypothesis Test Owner Result Adding signup to the homepage will drive a 10% increase in conversions to our product A/B test 2 versions of the homepage to see whether we see that lift Justin We saw a 5% lift, half from more click-thrus, and half because visitors who saw the signup on the homepage were more likely to signup through normal channels

17. 17 @urbanairship #growthhacking Three Simple A/B Testing Opportunities 1. Brand voice vs. pure information A) ”Share your love for the new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger combo using #PretzelLoveSongs and we may sing it!" B) ”Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger is here to stay. Choose combo #2 on the menu." 2. Clear call to action vs. vague A) ”You can now enjoy $1 off premium cheeseburgers! Tap to redeem." B) ”Hungry? We’ve got local deals." 3. Immediacy vs. value proposition A) ”Your coupon expires today." B) ”There is still time to enjoy $1 premium burgers!"

18. 18 @urbanairship #growthhacking Individual Results May Vary Hypothesis Sale copy will have a higher open rate than thematic copy. Test A: Make the most of Summer… B: Camping equipment on sale Result A: 23% direct open 11.5% conversion rate B: 18.6% direct open rate 13.9% conversion rate

19. 19 @urbanairship #[email protected] #growthhacking Using Mobile Data to Get the Right Customers

20. 20 @urbanairship #growthhacking Segmentation ● Explicit and implicit user preference ● Funnel, frequency, user actions ● Find the right segments and grow them

21. 21 @urbanairship #growthhacking Opt-in >> Convert >> Grow >> Retain >> Reactivate Acquiring the Customer Building the Relationship Win back Prospect Customer Super User Best Customer Recaptured Customer Reactivation Transactional & operational Broadcast Obtain permission Loyalty 1:1 triggered Targeted by segment Preference/ behavior based push Exclusive rich contentWelcome Get the opt-in Value prop Deals & alerts Sharing preferences Aggressive deals/content Engage Pre-Install Opportunity Interstitial education on value prop Pre-opt in screen Customer Insight Engagement Signals Across User Lifecycle Register

22. 22 @urbanairship #growthhacking What Are the Attributes of Your Best Users? Explorers Converts Advocates Skeptics Your App On and offline marketing App store discovery Download Open app Opt-in to push, location Register / key action Purchase, return Share & refer a friend Action Awareness Consideration Preference

23. 23 @urbanairship #growthhacking Activation: Find Audiences Primed for Action • Use path analysis to find users that are on the threshold to convert

24. 24 @urbanairship #growthhacking Referral: Find Your Fans & Encourage Sharing Drilldown into users that recently active And find users that also visit frequently

25. 25 @urbanairship #growthhacking Multiple touch points 6x more valuable. “The more channels that we can engage in with our customers, the better the overall value of the customer.” -Tim McCauley, Senior Director, Mcommerce, Walgreens Source: eMarketer, January 2013 Cross-Promote & Retarget

26. 26 @urbanairship #growthhacking Cross-Channel Expansion Redbox uses email, SMS, Pinterest and Instagram to connect with engaged (and lapsed!) customers.

27. 27 @urbanairship #growthhacking Lookalikes • Find highly engaged users in your app Upload into Facebook to find more

28. 28 @urbanairship #growthhacking When the Love is Gone… Create reengagement campaigns v • Identify users that recently uninstalled • Export a list for an e-mail, or social winback campaign

29. 29 @urbanairship #[email protected] #growthhacking Mobile Growth Marketing: Key Takeaways & Next Steps

30. 30 @urbanairship #growthhacking Retain Focus on retention Give to get Build in habit BEST PRACTICE

31. 31 @urbanairship #growthhacking Start with a hypothesis A/B test Optimize, build on learnings Test BEST PRACTICE

32. 32 @urbanairship #growthhacking Define segments that move your business Expand your omni-channel reach Recapture users and retarget the right new ones Segment BEST PRACTICE

33. 33 @urbanairship #growthhacking Q&A Luke, we need a slide here that we can sit on while we have Q&A. Also add: “Want more? Check out the online resources in our Content Library for more best practice and benchmark resources.” in smaller text on the slide. Thx! Q & A Want more? Check out the resources in our online Content Library for more best practices and benchmark reports.

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