Growth of the Jennifer Convertibles aka Furniture Industry

Information about Growth of the Jennifer Convertibles aka Furniture Industry

Published on March 5, 2012

Author: jenniferconvertibles



Growth of the Jennifer Convertibles aka Furniture Industry : Growth of the Jennifer Convertibles aka Furniture Industry While deciding to buy a piece of furniture for your home you need to be quite careful as this is one thing that cant be bought everyday due to the cost at which it comes and the hassle that is involved while buying furniture. In the past people had limited choices thus one had the ease of walking up to the nearby store order whatever was there and then make space for it in the home. This trend has suddenly seen a change with large companies taking it up on themselves to provide quality pieces of furniture along with a state of the art customer service. The furniture industry has grown and made its presence felt in the global arena with large organizations making their presence felt on the global scenario. Internet and receding trade boundaries are the major reasons for this trend. Go on to the internet find an online furniture store like Jennifer Convertibles for yourself order whatever is required by you and then fix it in your home. The furniture industry and Jennifer Convertibles works closely with the real estate industry and the meltdown in the past few years had left a major impact on the furniture industry also. With the corrections and upward trend in the real estate scenario the Furniture industry has also seen a spurt in its business. Industry experts are putting their bets on this particular niche for the future years. Customers are fast gaining confidence and companies are luring them into their stores with excellent prices and discounts which are quite difficult to resist. PowerPoint Presentation: The Jennifer Convertibles has also taken a fancy for innovative products especially for teenagers and retirees. The changing tastes of the generations have a major role to play in the upcoming innovations that have almost become a trend with the furniture industry. The use of multi-functionality furniture has seen an upwards trend not only in the developed economies but also in the developing economies as it allows optimum use of space and resources. People buy furniture in a hope that the coming generations will use it but the coming generations come up with their own tastes and ideas with a better buying power thus the old pieces are replaced with new and innovative pieces that represent the taste and thinking of the present generation. This is ample indication that the growth of the furniture industry is going to stay and people involved in this industry are going to make enough dollars in the coming time provided they keep a tab on the taste of the generation that is responsible for mankind the buying decisions. About Jennifer Convertibles: Jennifer Convertibles is the owner and licensor of sofabed and leather specialty retail stores in the United States, with stores located throughout the Eastern seaboard, in the Midwest, on the West Coast and in the Southwest. The company was founded in 1975 and is based in Woodbury, New York

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