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Published on July 20, 2014

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Content Protective Gym Floor Covers : Protective Gym Floor Covers Your gym floor is a common practice ground for many athletes and gymnasts. As a responsible owner or operator of the sporting facility, you should take additional measures to ensure that the floor is being protected from damage and maintained regularly. Your gymnasium is perhaps being used by thousands of people each year, facing heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. Apart from the foot traffic, several other factors can cause damage to your floor by leaving dirt, blotches, scrapes and other undesirable disfigurements. Even spilling of water and other corrosive substances can deteriorate the quality of your gym floor. With many unforeseeable causes for damage, it is sensible to invest in protective covers. All weights of our gymnasium floor covers have: • 3-ply materials. Strengthened polyester mesh coated with PVC on each side. • Lays flat and wrinkle free with either surface up. Welded seam to be as sturdy as the body itself. • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Rot and mildew resistant. • Conforms to Golden State official, Hub of the Universe official, underwriters UL-214, and U.S. Military description. MIL-C-20696 necessities. • Full warranties against material defects. Covers from ACC – Why Choose Us?: Covers from ACC – Why Choose Us? Our gym floor covers are fabricated to withstand heavy foot traffic, impact, shock and bad weather. They are made from extremely durable 3-ply PVC coated materials with a polyester mesh for durability. ACC gym floor covers are also fire retardant. 10’ sections for easy handling, placing and removal Resistant to water, rot, mildew, fungus and bacteria Slip resistant gym floor covers for added safety Affordably priced gym floor covers With all these reasons and more, there is no doubt that you can rely on ACC for quality floor covers for your sporting facility. Gym Floor Cover Storage Racks : Gym Floor Cover Storage Racks All Court Covers offers an extensive range of quality and durable floor covers for your facility. Our storage racks are designed to hold floor covers in a safe and efficient manner. They are also ideal to reduce injuries, scratches and scuffs suffered on the gym floor and are available in many sizes. We can customize the gym floor storage racks to suit your unique requirements. Your gymnasium floor is among the most important parts of your facility and maintaining it in top condition should be a priority. Apart from floor covers and padding, you should invest in quality storage racks to ensure that your floor cover in maintained in perfect quality. Not only is this cost effective, but it is also beneficial in the long run. ACC’s storage racks are designed for easy and convenient use as they are quick to install. They also offer excellent storage options when your floor covers are not in use. Gymnasium Wall Pads : Gymnasium Wall Pads Being the responsible owner of a sports facility or gymnasium includes ensuring that your establishment is safe for players and athletes. An important part of maintaining and ensuring safety is to install gymnasium wall pads and prevent series injuries. At All Court Covers, we offer a range of customized quality wall pads for your gymnasiums. Stylish, sturdy and built to last, our wall padding can help you create a safe environment while reducing your liability. Gymnasium wall pads are more important if your facility regularly hosts sports like basketball, gymnastics, athletics, wresting, and volley ball. Regardless of how often your facility hosts sporting events, it is essential to double check for safety measures and makes changes where necessary. Gym Divider Curtains : Gym Divider Curtains ACC offers quality gym divider curtains, allowing you to compartmentalize your facility and make the most of available gym space. Our gymnasium curtains are a cost effective solution to section off your gym and to accommodate multiple sports and activities at a time. Apart from offering standardized divider curtains for your gym, we also make and install wall/draw curtains, as well as motorized products. Non-combustible vinyl coated polyester Excellent privacy and ventilation Six mesh colors available 15 vinyl colors amiable Mesh upper portion and 18 ounce vinyl bottom Multiple styles: Top roll, fold up, and walk-draw Custom sized for your gym Colors: Grey, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White Gymnasium Banners : Gymnasium Banners If your gym or sports facility is home to a specific team, a customized banner showing your support is the best way to raise awareness. Our gymnasium banners can not only display the home team, but also mark their achievements and build team spirit. Print the home team’s logo, motto and player photographers to lend you support! In comparison to other services that offer gymnasium banners, you will enjoy unparalleled flexibility and choice at ACC. Right from the design process, we offer hands-on support with completely customizable banners. All you have to do is send us a digital file of the design and we will print it on windscreens, wall pads, dividers and the likes, on both solid vinyl and mesh materials. What’s more, our design professionals will also provide you with our bank of images and help you create a pleasing and eye-catching design to flaunt at your facility. Contact : Contact All Court Covers offers its entire product range throughout the country and can be contacted for any queries, comments, suggestions and quote requests. To know more about our products, call us today at 877-393-9726 or send us an email. You can also fill out the form below with your contact details on any of our products or doubts. We will get back to you immediately with a quick quote and answers to all your installation and pricing concerns. THANK YOU: THANK YOU

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