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Published on December 16, 2009

Author: heidiwatts02

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H&A Message of the Day : Heidi and Alyssa H&A Message of the Day Profound or Profusion? : Profound or Profusion? The answer is both! Profound Cosmetics and Profusion cosmetics are exactly the same thing. Profound cosmetics is the company, and Profusion is one of the brands sold under that company. Sorry for any confusion! Website : Website So we have a website, where we sell various items. At the moment, it is undergoing construction, but you might be able to order right away, depending on what time you go on. The URL is www.heidiwatts02.webs.com Twitter : Twitter So we also have a twitter. It is www.twitter.com/heidiwatts02 So follow us on twitter, and we will follow you back! Profound/Profusion Palettes : Profound/Profusion Palettes So we currently have two palettes. They are the 30 count matte eye shadows. The cool one is called colour 1 Item no: A-052 The warm one is called colour 3 Item no: A-052 So... : So... We hope everybody has an awesome day, and please subscribe, comment, rate and request videos. We do ALL requests, and we do them quite fast. Thanks! <3 Heidi and Alyssa

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