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Published on September 28, 2017

Author: AgileEnSeine

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1. © 2017 Confidential SECTION TITLE 1 Hackathon – A New addition to the Agile Toolbox @dailymotion 20 Septembre 2017 @agileenseine / #AgileES17 AgileEnSeine17Nos partenaires www.agileenseine.com

2. © 2017 Confidential SECTION TITLE 2 Nos sponsors

3. © 2017 Confidential 3 Ilaria Fazio [email protected] ilaria-fazio-a8922253 @i_fazio @ilaria.fazio Magnus Näslund [email protected] naslund @pmnaslund  CONTACTS

4. © 2017 Confidential 4 3billion video views per month 300million unique visitors per month 150million videos in our catalogue 5continents Offices in 20languages Dailymotion, one of the leading video destination platforms in the world

5. © 2017 Confidential OUR JOURNEY 2005 2006 2009 2011 2015 Foundation In March 2005, Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey founded Dailymotion from the living room of Poitrey's apartment in Paris. 3 month after YouTube launch. 2017 1st Fund Raising Considered to be the most funds raised in 2006 from the French Web 2.0 Government investment In October 2009, the French government invested in Dailymotion through the Strategic Investment Fund. Orange Acquisition Orange acquired a 49% stake in Dailymotion Vivendi Acquisition Purchased 80% stake in Dailymotion from Orange S. A. In September 2015 Vivendi increased its ownership to 90% Rebrand and New Experience Launch Dailymotion make a fresh start, launches a brand new experience, built from scratch and becomes fully owned Vivendi Company

6. © 2017 Confidential Our mission: transform our platform into a global destination for must-see videos. New target audience : focus on 18-49 yrs old A brand-new user experience (démo) A gateway to premium content focusing on 4 main categories: News, Entertainment, Sport et Music A new ad-based monetization channel

7. © 2017 Confidential Brand new experience HTML 5 Player with player gesture NEW PRODUCT 7

8. © 2017 Confidential NEW ARCHITECTURE 8 New highly scalable hybrid API architecture Multi-purpose for our apps and data needs with xBased and gBased Geo-Distributed for high performance everywhere in the world Hybrid Infra on Premise together with Google Cloud Auto-scaling adapts to the audience Google Cloud POP On Premise POP

9. © 2017 Confidential NEW ORGANIZATION Tribe Model Tribe Lead Squad A Squad Captain Front Dev Front Dev iOS Dev Android Dev Squad B Squad Captain Lead Front Dev Backend Dev Squad C Squad Captain Front Dev Front Dev Lead iOS Dev Lead Android Dev Lead Backend Dev Backend Dev Front Dev Chapter Lead Growth Analyst Front Backend iOS Android Growth Chapters Project / Product Lead Growth Analyst Product Owner Product Owner Product Owner

10. © 2017 Confidential NEW AGILE PROCESS Agile Routine SPRINT SPRINTSWAT Feed Your Ideas Bi-weekly sharing session open to everyone SWAT HACKATHON SPRINT 2 weeks time frame where development is done and Scrum Rituals are performed 1 week time frame aimed to foster cross-squad collaboration to solve existing problems Bi-quarterly event to embrace engineering creativity and innovation Tuesday Monday SPRINT N-1 SPRINT N Tuesday SPRINT N+1 Planning SPRINT N Retrospective N-1 Scrum of Scrums Planning SPRINT N+1 Retrospective N Demo Sprint N

11. LET’S GO BACK 1 YEAR… © 2017 Confidential

12. © 2017 Confidential High Turnover OUR CONTEXT • Many employees left after the acquisition • Many new joiners without history in the company • Our company culture got lost in all the changes • Build a completely new B2C and B2B experience, on a new architecture stack with new data technologies • Limited amount of people • Short time-frame to deliver • Expectation from new owner • Partners were asking for the new experience • Product needed a refresh Ambitious Project High Expectations We were not in a good place• 12

13. © 2017 Confidential Our Hackathon objective• Team Building BENEFITS Innovation Company CultureFast Delivery 13

14. HOW TO RUN A HACKATHON © 2017 Confidential

15. © 2017 Confidential 15 Management Buy-in Framing Organisation Follow-Up PHASECHALLENGES Understand Benefits Allocate Budget Implement Winning Ideas Collect Ideas & Form Teams Logistics Activities Prizes Motivate Employees Manage Scope Define Format Create Framework Ideation People Involved

16. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? © 2017 Confidential

17. © 2017 Confidential INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP 17 1) Split in Groups 2) 10 Minutes to think about the questions 3) 1 Minute to Pitch Follow-UpFramingIdeation Organisation Management Buy-in

18. OUR EXPERIENCE © 2017 Confidential

19. Our Experience • Ideation • Management Buy-in • Framing • Organisation • Follow Up © 2017 Confidential 19 We asked developers about their expectations and preferences in terms of format and scope We created a Hackathon Committee: Veterans People that had already participated in a Hackathon People that organise events Volunteers

20. Our Experience • Ideation • Management Buy-in • Framing • Organisation • Follow Up © 2017 Confidential 20 Support from top management because part of our new agile routine We didn’t have a real budget Hard to convince middle management to let people participate

21. Our Experience • Ideation • Management Buy-in • Framing • Organisation • Follow Up © 2017 Confidential 21 Managers wanted to stick to the roadmap Developers didn’t want to participate unless they were free and didn’t understand the difference with SWAT Skeptical about capacity to follow through with winning ideas Make something accessible for everyone in the company TRUST

22. Our Experience • Ideation • Management Buy-in • Conception • Organisation • Follow Up © 2017 Confidential People could share their ideas on a Public Wiki and those interested could Sign up to the Team We had a Pitch Day where everyone presented their project, followed by a small “fair” where people could find and join their team 22 Ideas Pitching & Team Logistics 46 Participants from 2 Departments 3 floors on our buildings Food Trucks Survival Kit

23. Our Experience • Ideation • Management Sponsor • Conception • Organisation • Follow Up © 2017 Confidential 23 Video Games, Table Tennis and Foosball Tournaments Tiramisu Contest Yoga Classes Activities Prizes Best Features, Funniest Idea, Activities winners Winning teams selected by everyone’s votes Amazon gift vouchers and concert tickets

24. © 2017 Confidential OUR AGENDA 24 Ideas Pitch Kick-Off/Hack Hack Hack and Closing Ceremony Mon 16/01 Wed 01/02 Thu 02/02 Fri 03/02 Day 1 Day 3Day 2 MorningAfternoonNight Kick-Off Presentation Closing Ceremony Hack Hack Hack Hack Hack Hack Hack Yoga Yoga Activities Activities Activities Pizza Chinese Food Hummous Bar Hot Dog Bar Hack Breakfast Breakfast 24

25. Our Experiences • Ideation • Management Buy-in • Conception • Organisation • Follow Up © 2017 Confidential 25 Satisfaction Survey Winning teams took part in dedicated Design Sprints One of the winning feature is included in the Roadmap

26. © 2017 Confidential Great outcomes• Production Ready Features (almost) OUTCOMES Happy Managers Cross-company team building Project Commitment 26

27. © 2017 Confidential 27 Video http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5e9eog

28. © 2017 Confidential 28 New hackathon is coming

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