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Published on July 27, 2014

Author: zmelendez

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A Return to Normalcy?: A Return to Normalcy? The Harding Administration WWI and the Progressive Era: WWI and the Progressive Era Harding Explains his vision: Harding Explains his vision Election of 1920: Election of 1920 Republicans Democrats Criticized Wilson’s handling of the war Advocated for a strong plan for peace Less government involvement Isolationism Argued that the League of Nations was the surest method for peace Criticized Republican response to Wilson’s handling of the war. Favored regulated economic policies and labor reforms. Election of 1920: Election of 1920 (R) Warren G. Harding/Calvin Coolidge: 404 Electoral Votes, 60.3% Popular Vote (D) James M. Cox/Franklin D. Roosevelt: 127 Electoral Votes, 23.9% Popular Vote Harding Struggles for Peace: Harding Struggles for Peace Washington Naval Conference United States Great Britain Japan France Italy The Almighty Dollar: The Almighty Dollar Fordney-McCumber Tariff 60% tax on all goods imported from other countries Protected US manufacturing from foreign competition The Tangled Web of Reparations: The Tangled Web of Reparations Harding’s Most Trusted Gang: Harding’s Most Trusted Gang With Friends Like These…: With Friends Like These… Caught illegally selling government hospital supplies for profit Charles R. Forbes Convicted Caught taking a bribe Thomas W. Miller Busted I’m A Little Teapot: I’m A Little Teapot Era of Bad Feelings: Era of Bad Feelings

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