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Published on July 18, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: IMPLEMENTATION OF NATIONAL LAND RECORDS MODERNISATION PROGRAMME (NLRMP) A Mission Mode Project (MMP) under NeGP A Presentation by : HCL Infosystems Ltd, E-4,5,6, Sector 11, Noida -201301 (U.P) Email : [email protected], [email protected] Mobile : +91-9871132926,+919810292363 This Presentation : This Presentation Technology that touches lives 1 About HCL Group 2 About HCL Infosystems 3 About NLRMP 4 About our Solution Advantage HCL Infosystems 5 HCL Group - Overview : HCL Group - Overview Technology that touches lives - HCL Infosystems (HCLI) - HCL Technologies (HCLT) - Total Revenues : USD 5 Billion - EBITA : USD 0.5 Billion India : 170+ cities / 4,000 + Centres / Distribution network covering 92,000 outlets in 10,000 town World : Now present in 26 Countries HCL Group Companies HCL Group Revenues HCL Network HCL Group - Worldwide Presence: HCL Group - Worldwide Presence Technology that touches lives Mexico City Chicago Sunnyvale Stamford Columbia Irvine Germany France U.K. Sweden Switzerland Belgium Netherlands Hong Kong Japan Melbourne Sydney Auckland Wellington New Jersey Field Operations Development Centers Corporate Headquarters India Los Angeles Fairfax Dallas Canada Ireland Singapore Malaysia Italy Utah Perth Poland London Now present in over 26 countries Some of the Many First from HCL : Some of the Many First from HCL Technology that touches lives About HCL Infosystems: About HCL Infosystems “HCL currently provides Solutions/Support for almost every type of ICT Infrastructure e-Governance Projects in India” HCL Infosystems is a Complete Turnkey IT Solution/ Service Provider Key Solutions H/W Infrastructure S/W Components Networking Support Capacity Building Migration of Legacy /Existing Application Data Handholding BUSINESS INTEGRATION Experience Business spanning 3 Technologies (Computing, Communication & Office Automation) and 4 different Go-to-Market Models (B2B, B2C, Distribution & HCL Retail) SYSTEM INTEGRATION Experience Over 30+ years of experience of working with Government in India Rich experience in Design, Deployment and Maintenance of “Mission Critical” ICT Systems / “Large Scale e-Governance eco-systems” (G2G, G2B, G2C systems) About HCL Infosystems : About HCL Infosystems Technology that touches lives About HCL Infosystems : About HCL Infosystems PowerPoint Presentation: About NLRMP- NATIONAL LAND RECORDS MODERNISATION PROGRAMME PowerPoint Presentation: NLRMP- Project Background Project Background On August 21, 2008 the Union Cabinet (of GoI) approved the proposal of the Department of Land Resources (DoLR), Ministry of Rural Development to merge two existing centrally sponsored schemes and replace them with the modified scheme of National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP). The two schemes being merged are the Strengthening of Revenue Administration & Updating of Land Records (SRA&ULR) and Computerization of Land Records (CLR). PowerPoint Presentation: NLRMP- Objective and Overall Scope Objective The main objective of the NLRMP is to develop a modern, comprehensive and transparent land records management system in the country with the aim to implement the conclusive land title (title guarantee ) system. Overall Scope All the components and activities under NLRMP shall be taken up in a systematic, Two Phase manner. Phase -1 covers activities for reaching the stage of conclusive title, Phase -2 covers archival purposes and strengthening of the revenue administration. Implementation Unit of Implementation is a District PowerPoint Presentation: NLRMP – key Components of this Project Computerization of land records Survey/resurvey and updating of the survey & settlement records using the following modern technology options Computerization of Registration Modern record rooms/land records management centers at tehsil/taluk/ circle/block level Training & capacity building Core GIS Legal changes Programme management PowerPoint Presentation: Estimating the Growth of Records Demands for instant information by citizens under Right to Information Act Security and Secrecy of Documents Regulatory compliance Stream-line processes Vulnerability of the paper medium Coping with Sudden and Unforeseen Legal Changes Key Challenges of the Project PowerPoint Presentation: Current State of Land Records Present Status Land Records Documents are kept in Physical Form in Bags, Manual Process for Document retrieval Documents Land Records Documents are kept in Records Rooms at Distr ict Level from more then last 80 years . Area of Concern Paper is outliving its age Space Requirement for storage of Reports is increasing Disaster Management Security of Documents Objective Preserving Records of Land Information and Land Transaction having Heritage Importance and Maintaining High degree of Transparency in System PowerPoint Presentation: Key Project Deliverables Scanned, Cleaned and Profiling/Index Images of Land Records in TIFF & PDF Form in Network Based Document Management Software. GIS and Cadastral Mapping of Land Records Maps Network Based Document Management Software with workflow solution. Organising Physical Records in New Numbered Bags Creation of Data Centre at revenue office Training to the Revenue Office PowerPoint Presentation: Our Expertise PowerPoint Presentation: i. Computerisation of Land Records HCL’s Solution : Available Scope of Work for Computerization of Land Records Data entry/re-entry/data conversion of all textual records including mutation records and other land attributes data Digitization of cadastral maps Integration of textual and spatial data Tehsil, sub-division/district Computer centers State-level data centers Inter-connectivity among revenue offices PowerPoint Presentation: ii. Survey / Resurvey and Updation of Records HCL’s Solution : Available Scope of Work for Survey/Resurvey and Updating of the Survey & Settlement Records (including Ground Control Network) using the following modern technology options Pure ground method using electronic total station (ETS) and global positioning system (GPS) Hybrid methodology using aerial photography and ground truthing by ETS and GPS High Resolution Satellite Imagery (HRSI) and ground truthing by ETS and GPS. PowerPoint Presentation: iii. Computerisation of Registration HCL’s Solution : Available Scope of Work for Computerization of Registration : Computerization of the sub-registrar’s offices (SROs) Data entry of valuation details Data entry of legacy encumbrance data Scanning & preservation of old documents Connectivity to SROs with revenue offices PowerPoint Presentation: iv. Core GIS HCL’s Solution : Available Scope of Work for Core GIS : Village index base maps from satellite imagery, for creating the core GIS Integration of three layers of data: Spatial data from aerial photography or high-resolution satellite imagery; Survey of India and Forest Survey of India maps; and Cadastral maps from revenue records. PowerPoint Presentation: v. Other Activities HCL’s Solution : Available MODERN RECORD ROOMS/Land Records Management Centers At Tehsil/ Taluk/ Circle/ Block Level TRAINING & CAPACITY BUILDING -Training, workshops, etc -Strengthening of the Survey and Revenue training institutes PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT -Programme Sanctioning & Monitoring Committee in the DoLR -Core Technical Advisory Group in the DoLR and the States/UTs - Programme Management Unit (PMU) in the DoLR and the States/UTs - Information, education and communication (IEC) activities - Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation: Snap-Shot of our Work PowerPoint Presentation: Document Repository – Managing entire document life-cycle from Creation to Digital Archival Easy Document Viewing and Powerful Image Editing User Management – Creation, Removal, Rights Management Administration Module Search and Retrieval Security Document Distribution – E-mail, Fax, Print, Workflow Disaster Management Database - MS SQL, ORACLE Backup & Restore Module Complete Land Records Management Document Management System e-Office e-Note Sheet Records Management System Use of Whitehall Filing System Available in Hindi, English and Other Indian Languages Complete Web Based Land Records Management Solution PowerPoint Presentation: Snap-Shot Our Solutions Onsite Digitization (Scanning and Data Entry) of Land Records – Khasra, Khatoni, Chakbandi etc. through Non Contact Book Scanners for easy retrieval Invisible Watermarking on the Digitized Images for Image IPR Management GIS and Cadastral Mapping of Land Records Maps for further Modifications in Maps Digital Microfilming Services for long term archival of Land Records Images Web Based Land Records Management Solution with Workflow solution in Hindi, English and other Indian Languages for easy retrieval of records, Integrated Physical Records Management Module and automation of processes in Land Records and other departments Onsite Physical Records Management Services for managing Physical Records. Book Scanners and other type of Document and Drawing scanners for digitization of records by Department Data Center Solution for porting the digitized data and running the solution Training Services to Officials for utilizing the solution in optimum manner PowerPoint Presentation: Records Digitization Services and Image IPR Management Pre Scanning Activity – Records Receiving & Cleaning and Repairing of Physical Records for getting best Image output Scanning of Records through Book Scanners, Document Scanners and Wideformat Scanners Indexing of Records in Hindi, English and other local languages. Invisible Watermarking on Images for IPR Management Delivering Backup Copy of Images and Metadata on Offline Media like Tape Drivers, DVDs, Blue Ray Etc. Porting Data on Web based Land Records Management Solution PowerPoint Presentation: GIS and Cadastral Mapping Service Geo-Referencing and Cadastral Mapping of Village Maps Customized solution for Blank & Duplicate Polygon Customized Solution for Duplicate Parcels Customized Solution for Blank & Duplicate Parcels at Village Level Customization in ARC/INFO for GVMP Customization in ARC View for GVMP Solution for Soil Maps Digitization Digital Slope Generation from Data like Digital Drainage & other thematic data like Hydro- geomorphology PowerPoint Presentation: Digital Microfilming Services for Long term Archival of Images Digital Microfilming Service : Conversion of Digitized Images into Microfilms for long term archival and reference purpose from Image Server or Image Medias with high speed per day output. Digital Microfilming technology help in copping with the problem of change in storage technology and problem of crash of digital storage media as data can be converted from Microfilms to Images in fraction of seconds. Proposed Archive Writer ZEUTSCHEL ARCHIVE WRITER OP 500 Key Features of Proposed Archive Writer Maximum 81 MegaPsixel optical resolution High resolution microfilm b/w, greyscale (halftone) or color Color enhancement due to integrated ICC conform color management Wide range of image processing tools for perfect file conversion in batch mode Film capacity up to 600 m 16/35 rollfilm, landscape and portrait Automatic fade-in of the meta data PowerPoint Presentation: Complete Range of Scanners offered by HCL A Complete Range of Scanners PowerPoint Presentation: Existing Clients Type Government Sector 1 Public Sector Unit 2 Corporate Sector 3 3 Banking Sector 4 4 Hospitals 3 5 PowerPoint Presentation: Government BBMP, Bangalore Supreme Court of India Land Records UP Public Sector Units Telecom Sector Education Sector Banking Sector Medical Sector Corporate Sector Fragile Documents State Archives Ministry of Food Processing Some Credentials in ADMS / e-Office Application PowerPoint Presentation: Project #1 : Turn Key Project for Digitization of Nehru Memorial Museum & Library Archives and Implementation of an Integrated Documentation Management System (IDMS) Project Highlights : Digitization of more than 50 Million Manuscript, Microform and Photographs Microfilming of Digitized Images Implementation of Enterprise Content Management System and creation of Website of NMML Creation of Data Center for running the solution Image Copyrights Management Solution Snap-Shot of Key Projects Project # 2 : LAND RECORDS, U.P. – On-site scanning and Digitization of Land Records ( Scanning of more then 18 Million old and fragile Records at 6 Locations) Project Highlights : On-Site Scanning of Records sizing from A4 upto A2. Cleaning and image enhancement of Old and Fragile Land Records Documents written in Urdu and Hindi. Indexing of Documents in Hindi. Implementation of web based DMS for retrieval of Land records in local language at District level. PowerPoint Presentation: Project #3: ONGC–Scanning & Digitization of Reports / Maps / Seismic Films with Web Based DMS Project Highlights : On-Site Scanning of more then 30 Lacs Documents & Films sizing from A4 upto A0+. Cleaning and Color Adjustment of the scanned files. Indexing of Documents & Films in Web based DMS Implementation of Web Based DMS and creation of Disaster Recovery Site . Snap-Shot of Key Projects Project #4 : PNB - Preservation of Minutes of Meeting Documents of PNB’s Board Meeting created from inception of the bank i.e. Year 1890 Project Highlights : Turnkey Solution for Managing Board Meeting Documents - Web based Document Management Software - Onsite Document Digitization Services through Book Scanner - Server for Deploying the Document Management Software PowerPoint Presentation: Dirty Image (Area before cleaning) Cleaned Image (Area after cleaning) Samples of Work PowerPoint Presentation: Raw Image Enhanced Image Samples of Work PowerPoint Presentation: Advantage HCL HCL - Technology that touches lives PowerPoint Presentation: Actively working in the field of Digitization related Solutions. Presently executing similar nature projects OEM, Distributors and Reseller of all the required Infrastructure. One Point solution provider for all Services, Hardware & Software Enough Financial Resources for deploying any amount of hardware and Human Resources. Pan India Presence for executing onsite projects in any part of the India. Service and logistics support across India Required technical manpower deployed as per the project’s requirement Experienced of Executing Bulky Turnkey Projects at Multiple Locations in India Maintain the Confidentiality of the Data HCL’s Strengths….. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You

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