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Published on July 24, 2014

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Healing Heroes: Healing Heroes Healing heroes network is a non-profit organization that provides help to the injured American troupers who are seeking medical help. Healing Heroes: Healing Heroes To run healing heroes with more support, the wife of founder also helps in doing his charity work. Any of the charity work required for helping people in any way medically is done by the team of experts. Even the team is not believed in showcasing any of the work to world. Healing Heroes: Healing Heroes It is a group which was created some years back. It does the charity for the injured armed force which is settled after the terror attack. The charity founder and president is specialist in is field of work of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. PowerPoint Presentation: In ‘ Healing Heroes ’ program, a network of professionals provides quality care to the soldiers who are in waiting list. The organization understands that nursing back to health is not an overnight process. It is a process that has to be continued till complete recovery. Various therapeutic treatments including massage, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and counseling sessions are organized for these veterans. Only one request per applicant is accepted at a time. To be eligible to take benefits of these programs, you should have been injured while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq on or after September 1, 2011. After a detailed review, the organization notifies within two weeks whether the application was selected or not. Thanks For Visit  : Thanks For Visit 

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