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Published on August 8, 2014

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Natural Therapy is a Science: Natural Therapy is a Science I stumbled in to my first session of Bowen Therapy one morning, shaking, chilling and not coping with psychological abuse and a relationship breakup. I was aware of lots of old memories of feeling unloved and confused when I was physically abused as a three year old and the marks from that abuse had reappeared on my body just months ago. To my surprise, after only one session of Bowen, the abuse marks subsided substantially. http://www.naturalapproach.com.au/ Healing For Body: Healing For Body Our bodies are our temples, they are the Home for our soul, so it is only sensible that we aim to look after this vessel to be in peak condition and it can serve us well. Healing for Mind & soul: Healing for Mind & soul Scientifically natural approach therapy gives relexation to human mind and soul both with recharge energy photones in bhuman body. Nutritional Healing & Detox : Nutritional Healing & Detox We could be looking at this for many reasons such as: Weight Loss Allergies General Wellbeing Stomache or Bowel issues Diabetes and many more. Family Household: Family Household This type of natural approach therapy provides safty to your upcoming baby and improve your jeans importance within your good health growth. Our Therapists List: Our Therapists List Megan Low (Naturopath) Adriana Perdomo (Spiritual Medium (Born with this gift)) Sharon Hopkins (Bowen Therapist) http://www.naturalapproach.com.au/ For More: Contact Us: Contact Us Address: Unit 4, 751 Nicholson Street Carlton North or 1600 Bayunga Road Dhurringile 3610 (by appointment only) Email: [email protected] Web: http://www.naturalapproach.com.au

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