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Published on July 18, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: As one ages, the need for medical attention increases and the need to put your trust on someone who is an expert is high. With compassion and expertise, Healthabove60 believes in extending the best of services to its customers. m PowerPoint Presentation: Personalized Medical Attention right at your doorstep Avoid confusion and support the future course of treatment plan Independency for elders for all their healthcare requirements Promotes healing and provides safety from infections Easier for the family to take care of the elderly at home especially for those who live far away from home KEY BENEFITS OF CHOOSING US PowerPoint Presentation: HOME CARE SERVICES OFFERED PowerPoint Presentation: Home visit by doctors Scheduled visits by a qualified medical professional who will completely assess and manage the patient at home in consultation with the patient’s primary doctor (if you have any). Identifying the medical condition and refer the patient to a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment, depending upon your interest and requirement. The doctors will visit as per your convenient time and schedule. m PowerPoint Presentation: Home visit by Paramedical (Nurses) Our professionally trained nurses provide the following services: Pre and Post-surgical and hospitalization care All types of Orthopedic and wound care Urine catheterization & oxygen administration Patient vitals monitoring (Blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, etc.) IV infusions, injections and suture removal General nursing care at home (minimum 4hrs to 24hrs) m PowerPoint Presentation: Home care attendant Provide support for cleaning, grooming, bathing and feeding of the patient. Support oral medication Assist in ambulation – logistics support (moving the patient around) Manage the patients as per the requirements – minimum 2hrs to 24hrs m PowerPoint Presentation: Home visits by Physiotherapist Assessment, Evaluation, Diagnosis and treatment plan Exercise Therapy Continuous Cervical/Pelvic traction Stroke Therapy Right, Left side paralysis & Hemi paresis Parkinson’s Disease General/Surgical/Chest Rehabilitation Cervical Neck pain Therapy Foot & Heel Pain Therapy m PowerPoint Presentation: Home blood collection Lab technicians representing our NABL certified lab partners would collect blood samples of the various kinds of tests and the reports would also be delivered at your home as per the standard timelines. m PowerPoint Presentation: Medicine home delivery Medicines would be delivered to your doorstep through our partners based on only prescriptions. Prescriptions can be emailed to us or handed over to the delivery person. m PowerPoint Presentation: Rehab therapy (counsellors) at your home We provide counselling service for elderly as follows; To deal with their medical conditions To have better coping mechanism Supportive Therapy Solution-focused counselling Crisis Intervention m PowerPoint Presentation: Ambulance services At the time of emergency when every second is precious, A prompt ambulance service can help save your life. Our ambulances are well equipped with basic medical care which can prove to be life saving. m PowerPoint Presentation: Healthabove60 No 5, 54 th Lane, 11 th Avenue Ashok Nagar, Chennai – 600 083 Tamil Nadu, India E-mail Id : [email protected] Telephone : +91 44 4014 3300 Mobile : +91 98846 39400 Website :

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