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Published on August 8, 2014

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HEAVNER NATURE CONNECTION: HEAVNER NATURE CONNECTION http://www.heavnernatureconnection.org/ WELCOME TO HEAVNER NATURE CONNECTION: WELCOME TO HEAVNER NATURE CONNECTION The Nature Connections program is designed to provide all children, regardless of age, a positive outdoor experience The goal of “No Child Left Inside” is to provide an experience so powerful that it creates a lasting impression and as a result they will continue to explore and enjoy the outdoors during their lifetime. Educational programs : Educational programs Project Learning Tree Voyage in Time Leadership & Team Building Activities Canoe and Kayak Lessons Go Fish Go Bike Scavenger Hunt Geo caching Letter boxing Archery Recreational Programs : Recreational Programs Imaginary Canoe Trip Nature Hike-an interpretive walk Blind Canoe Race Farm Center Trips Team Building Scavenger Hunts Hay Ride Spiritual Walks Relay Races Birthday Parties IMAGES: IMAGES PROGRAM STRATEGY : PROGRAM STRATEGY Create opportunities for children and adults to explore the outdoors through educational, and leisure experiences. These opportunities provide hands-on experiences that allow for outdoor exploration while instilling a sense of ownership for the environment. CONTACT: CONTACT 2775 Garden Road Milford, MI 48381 PHN:248-685-2379 THANK YOU: THANK YOU For more details visit http://www.heavnernatureconnection.org/

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