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Published on July 31, 2014

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Helpful Tips to consider while choosing an HR Consultant: Helpful Tips to consider while choosing an HR Consultant Choosing the right HR Consultant for your business can be a very important decision. But, first and foremost, you need to understand if you really need an HR Consultant. An HR consultant cannot be a replacement for an employment attorney. An HR consultant may be well experienced in different functions of HR including recruitment & selection, training, counselling, employee relations, payroll and employee benefits, but they cannot provide legal advice. vice-versa is also true, that is, your employment attorney is not the correct person to recruit, train or counsel your employees although they might be experienced in doing so. Ideally, both these entities provide complementing services. PowerPoint Presentation: Again if you are looking for filling a vacancy on a temporary basis for general day-to-day HR work, you may want to consider a temporary HR staffing agency. On the other hand, if your need for specific skill set is continuous, it is advisable to hire a HR personnel with matching skills. You may opt to hire an HR consultant for various reasons - you require an advanced level of HR skill set for a limited period of time, you require an external HR personnel to provide you a wider industry or domain level perspective, your organization is undergoing a "Change" and you require help at the diagnostic stage or for the complete process, you require an advanced level trainer or counsellor to address specific needs or you require an HR expert for the broader organizational development. PowerPoint Presentation: Whatever your reason to choose to hire an HR consultant, you need to keep in mind some tips that will help you make the right decision. Decide if you want to use a large firm or a small firm. Both options have their own pros and cons. If you choose to go with a large firm, they have extensive resources with high domain expertise across all areas of HR and have a good brand credibility. On the flip side, their overhead costs are higher and there could be many associates involved in your assignment. There may be a scenario that you had interacted with someone at the initial phases of the project, who may turn out to be a supervisor under who there may be quite a few consultants working on different projects and hence they may be only overseeing the project rather than getting closely involved in the project itself. On the other hand, working with a small firm can definitely give you a cost advantage and a more personalized experience as the same consultant will work on your project from start to finish. The flip side here could be limited resources and domain experience. You need to choose what works best for your requirements. PowerPoint Presentation: Find out about the history and stability of the consulting firm you are planning to work with. Check out other services that they offer over and above your currently chosen service so that you can have the flexibility of hiring them for more services in future if required and you have to deal with only one firm. Confirm who will work on your project. Ensure that the experience and expertise of that consultant matches your expectation. Check if they have worked on projects and domain similar to yours. Discuss the time-frame and deliverables that you expect and confirm if the consultant can adhere to that. Ask for references from the firm so that you can contact them to understand how the consultants hired by them had performed and how was their experience with that particular consulting firm. PowerPoint Presentation: 7. Have clarity in pricing, billing, confidentiality, copyrights, contract tenure and terms. Based on all the tips given above, you can go ahead and hire the consultant or consulting firm who fulfils your requirements and expectations. Once the engagement starts, it is advisable to take regular updates to track progress of the project and communicate effectively. On completion of the contract term, it is essential to have a final meeting to review the results. If you have found this article useful, you can visit our site - to know more about us and our HR Consulting Services in Brisbane. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Information Phone : 07 3901 4777 Fax : 07 3319 6163 Email : [email protected] M : 0423756191 (Tiffany Irving) M : 0427807979 (Angela Bradby )

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