HID Lights-Makes Your Vehicle Look Stylish

Information about HID Lights-Makes Your Vehicle Look Stylish

Published on July 23, 2014

Author: nelsongilmour

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HID Lights Make Your Vehicle Stylish: HID Lights Make Your Vehicle Stylish PowerPoint Presentation: HID or High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights offer better luminosity at night time. HIDs are highly effective and energy efficient option for lighting the road. It is possible to upgrade your vehicle headlights with HID conversion kits. Installation of HID kit is very easy. Anyone can do the installation with out any technical knowledge. Most osf the people now opt HID light for their vehicles. PowerPoint Presentation: Why HIDs? HIDs offer brighter light than normal halogen lights during night time. HID headlights produce beam intensity which is 3 times greater than the traditional halogen lights. Due to brighter light output HIDs are safe for night driving. They have long life span. They consumes only 35% of power up and produces only reduced heat during operation. PowerPoint Presentation: HIDs are very popular among automotive car headlights. Most of the car owners now remodel their car with HID lights. HID light increases the visibility of drivers during the night. Different color HIDs are available. The most commonly found colour temperatures are 5000K and 6000K for HID lamps. The life span of HID light is more than 2500 hrs. HID light use less power consumption. PowerPoint Presentation: HID Kit PowerPoint Presentation: HID lights give stunning look to your vehicle. Improve your vehicle look with HID lights. HID bulbs are the recent trend in automotive field. ExtremeHIDs offers best quality HID lights for customers. http://www.extremehids.com

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