Hire Seamless LED Video Wall in London

Information about Hire Seamless LED Video Wall in London

Published on June 6, 2016

Author: pixelslondon

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Slide1: 1 Pixels London is the culmination of Knowledge, experience and resources that are vital to the success of any event. Our team of passionate technicians, dedicated warehouse staff and account managers are among the very best when it comes to delivering industry standard audio, visual and lighting solutions for your event. Slide2: LED Video Wall London Using LED video wall enable you to deliver high impact imaginative solutions, engaging customers and enhancing audience experience whatever the event. Our LED display systems will give you the sharpest and brightest images possible even in daylight. They also have the advantage of providing the widest possible viewing angle, so your audience can see the display clearly without having to be face-on to the screens. pixelslondon.com Slide3: Mini Series P3 Pixel Pitch "INDOOR" Dazzle Series P5.952Pixel Pitch "INDOOR" Flexiplay P10 Pixel Pitch "INDOOR & OUTDOOR" Our LED Video Walls With Different Pixels Pitches pixelslondon.com Slide4: 4  ✉ [email protected] 0203-432-6396 We are here to help you Working Hours 9am to 11pm Get In Touch Pixels London Unit 6, Slough Business Centre Bristol Way ,Slough, SL1 3TD Pixelslondon.com Visit Today for Best Deal

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