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Published on August 8, 2014

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Historical Visions Assignment : Historical Visions Assignment John A. MACDONALD: John A. MACDONALD A) Vision of Canada? He is the first prime minister of the Canada. He is also known as the father of confederation. He favoured the union of the provinces to make a self-governed country and the enlargement of the country. He made federalism central federal government and number of provincial governments) in the country. B) What was done? John A. Macdonald helped to create the Conservative Party in 1854 . During Macdonald's second administration the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway was finished . He united the British colonies in North America into a single independent country . Canada bought Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory from the Hudson's Bay Company. PowerPoint Presentation: C) Vindicated? He was vindicated by the citizens in the past. He won the praise of people for joining the provinces of the Canada. Queen Victoria gave him the title of “knight” for bringing the idea of confederation. I guess his vision is still in contention because he united the Canada and gave us freedom. He is one who successfully helped Canada to increase its territories. Many Canadian poets wrote books about him and admire his brilliance. William Lyon Mackenzie King : William Lyon Mackenzie King Vision of Canada? Mackenzie King was the longest serving prime minister in Canada during the great depression . He was a leader of liberal party and served for 22 years as a prime minister. He was interested in human welfare (relief) program. He proved himself as an effective prime minister during the time of war. H e helped Canada to get an independent place in the world. B) What was done? During his service he worked to improve Canadian Cooperation with Britain and united state. He lowered the tariff and increased the primary trade. PowerPoint Presentation: Trade with US helped to raise the economy of the country . Many Canadians got jobs and this helped to increase the economy of the country . H e championed legislation to the effect that if England went to war, Canada would not automatically be involved in the war-as it had in World War 1. But the Canadian Parliament would make their own independent decision whether to go to war or not –as in World War Two. C ) Vindicated ? He was vindicated by the people in the past. Since he is the longest serving Prime Minister in Canada during the time of great depression and second world war. He tried his best to make Canada a complete independent country. He helped to increase the economic power of the country by lowering the tariff and increasing the trade. His vision is still in action because Canadian government always look for ways of cooperation with other countries and help the undeveloped countries. Pierre Elliot Trudeau : Pierre Elliot Trudeau Vision of Canada? Former prime minister of Canada Supporter of Canadian federalism Introduced multiculturalism and bilingualism B) What was done? Creation of official language act Provinces challenged the rights of the federal government to make laws Repatriate the constitution for people to make their own changes in constitution points Supported multiculturalism and made policies Gave women positions in national assembly PowerPoint Presentation: C) Vindicated? Trudeau believed on a unique society for every Canadian citizen. Since he focused on the rights of immigrants so he was highly admired by the multicultural people. He accepted the multicultural policy and allowed everyone to participate as a true member of the society. He was the one who took a step to eliminate racism and discrimination. He encouraged people to share their culture and make Canada a diverse country. Many people now appreciate his effort toward multiculturalism and bilingualism. My own vision?: My own vision? Indeed, all of these leaders were great who helped Canada to get a independent place in the world. Since I’m an immigrant too so I would say Pierre Elliot Trudeau reflects my vision of Canada. I strongly agree with his policy that immigrants should get equal rights and freedom. Immigrants usually comes from undeveloped countries and many of them are hardworking. If more people will work, government will get more tax and it would help to strength the country economically. Multiculturalism can also benefit in international trade.

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