Hofstede's Five Dimension of culture

Information about Hofstede's Five Dimension of culture

Published on November 7, 2008

Author: galwynclittus

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Dr. Geert HofstedeFive Dimensions of Culture : Dr. Geert HofstedeFive Dimensions of Culture Application in Malaysia Group 4 Alwyn, Gopthri, Neha, Smitha and Rahul Introduction : Introduction Comprehensive study of how values in the workplace are influenced by culture Power/Distance (PD) : Power/Distance (PD) Degree of inequality that exists - and is accepted – among people with and without power Characteristics of PD :  Characteristics of PD Application : High PD country like Malaysia (104), you would probably send reports only to top management and have closed door meetings where only a select few, powerful leaders were in attendance The world avg. is 56.5 Application Individualism : Refers to the strength of the ties people have to others within the community Individualism Characteristics of IDV :  Characteristics of IDV Application : Application Malaysia has a score of just 26. It is a collectivist society. The world avg. is 45. People specialize in their field of work and group to complete a task. Masculinity (MAS) : Masculinity (MAS) Refers to how much a society sticks with, and values, traditional male and female roles A masculine culture emphasises status derived from wages and position; a feminine culture emphasises human relations and quality of life. Characteristics of MAS :  Characteristics of MAS Application : Application Malaysia is highly masculine with a score of 50 whereas Sweden has the lowest measured value (5). If you were to open an office in Malaysia, you might have greater success if you appointed a male employee to lead the team and had a strong male contingent on the team. In Sweden, on the other hand, you would aim for a team that was balanced in terms of skill rather than gender World avg. is 51 Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) : Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) Relates to the degree of anxiety society members feel when in uncertain or unknown situations Characteristics of UAI :  Characteristics of UAI Application : Application When discussing a new project with people in Malaysia, whose country scored a 36 on the UAI scale, it is sufficient to present a limited number of choices, with brief information . World average is 65. Long term Orientation : Long term Orientation Refers to how much society values long-standing - as opposed to short term - traditions and values Characteristics of LTO :  Characteristics of LTO Application : Application People in the United States(29)and United Kingdom(25) have low LTO scores. World avg. is 48 This suggests that you can pretty much expect anything in this culture in terms of creative expression and novel ideas. The model implies that people in the US and UK don't value tradition as much as many others, and are therefore likely to be willing to help you execute the most innovative plans as long as they get to participate fully. Slide 18: THANK YOU

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