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Published on October 28, 2011

Author: asmyth478

Source: authorstream.com


Homophones!: Homophones! Can you work out the homophones using these tricky clues?: Can you work out the homophones using these tricky clues? Two of a fruit pair pear Slide 3: A room in prison to exchange for money cell sell Slide 4: Not strong for seven days weak week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Slide 5: To look at the ocean see sea Slide 6: A type of animal that grows on your head hare hair Slide 7: Not there to listen here hear Slide 8: A baking ingredient in the garden flour flower Slide 9: After dark in shining armour night knight Slide 10: To encounter the beef meet meat Slide 11: A painful tool sore saw Slide 12: A beloved creature dear deer Slide 13: To cry for a sea creature wail whale Slide 14: A boy the planets revolve around son sun Slide 15: Swallowed the number ate eight Slide 16: To find how heavy the path is weigh way Slide 17: Well done!

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