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Published on July 19, 2014

Author: krista93



The Miracle of Horse Healing: The Miracle of Horse Healing Krista Nichols [email protected] July 14, 2014 EEX4070 Healing Horse Therapy Center: Healing Horse Therapy Center Loxahatchee, Florida Therapeutic Riding Non-profit organization 3 years old Maurette Hanson, founder Clients are elderly, middle age, and children Veteran field trips once a month, approx. 3-4 private lessons per week Sibling bonding program, therapeutic riding, horses for Veterans Horsemanship and Wellness program Where Healing Begins: Where Healing Begins Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities that there was a need for helpers at therapeutic horse centers where I lived. Preparing for the therapeutic riding, and leading horses during lessons 15 hours over 5 days July 8 th- July 15 th Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday 3 hours each morning Participant Demographics: Participant Demographics Children ages 4-9 and veterans 70’s to 80’s Most white and African American children that I worked with were considered persons with disabilities because they had autism. (Pg. 10-11) My project involved around 10 people with disabilities throughout the time that I volunteered. Service in Action: Service in Action Perceptions of Differences: Perceptions of Differences Working with people with disabilities was very rewarding but sometimes hard. Initially I was scared about working with people with disabilities. Now I am not afraid of working with people with disabilities. I know what to expect. Impacting experiences: brothers at the sibling bonding program Connections to Your Course: Connections to Your Course EEX4070 Hobbies like horseback riding help with self esteem Parent’s advice is invaluable Social skills are so important! Hands on experience with children with disabilities helped with course content Civic Engagement: Civic Engagement Civic engagement and volunteering is important! Helping those who need help builds a community Service Learning gives invaluable hands on experience with those who have disabilities This experience made me want to volunteer more in the future because it was worthwhile. Service learning is a way to help others, grow as a person, and learn a lot about other people and yourself. Final Thoughts & Reflections: Final Thoughts & Reflections Hearing personal stories and making relationships helps with understanding and empathizing I can tell others about Healing Horse Therapy Center Teachers should share their knowledge about places like Healing Horse Working at Healing Horse was a wonderful experience. I helped with strengthening relationships and healing people Make time for the things that matter

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