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Published on May 25, 2010

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Slide 1: Health Alliance Nurturing Growth in Healthcare health & city Overview: CONNEXiON : Overview: CONNEXiON Health & city Alliance is the first private organization focused on bridging the healthcare accessibility gap by concentrating on the semi-urban and rural healthcare market in Orissa. Our focus is on primary and secondary healthcare services combined with community based health plans to bring affordable healthcare to families. While 70% of Orissa is living in semi-urban and rural areas, 80% of Orissa’s healthcare facilities are located in urban/metro areas. Connexion Health Alliance is bridging this gap by building and managing network hospitals/clinics in semi-urban and rural areas and bringing healthcare services where it is needed most. Health & City Alliance will redefine healthcare in Orissa by creating the largest primary and secondary care healthcare network in the state, with special focus on preventive care. We believe that with the right combination of passion, commitment and leadership, we will bring in a sweeping change in the existing healthcare system. We at health & city Alliance initiative are creating a network and alliance of hospitals across the state, bringing high quality and competitive healthcare delivery to small and mid-sized secondary care hospitals. We nurture growth in healthcare by investing in these hospitals as equity partners and by leading and managing their day-to-day operations and growth,resulting in successful and satisfied experiences for stakeholders – investors, promoters, patients, physicians, employees, suppliers, and other business partners. We bring our skills, knowledge, and industry best practices to the enterprisers. Our Vision: : Our Vision: We aim to play a significant role in the evolution of the healthcare industry to a mature industry where every organization within it is professionally managed, growing to its fullest potential, offering products and services of the highest quality and providing adequate support to the best of the industry. Our Services: : Our Services: Provide result oriented professional internal and external marketing services Provide brand development solutions Create a strong referral management system with tertiary care centers/tertiary care management. Provide excellent data management and data recovery service. Provide web based marketing and e-clinics. Provide Physician, institutional, and patient marketing services. Target Hospitals: : Target Hospitals: We are in active discussions with various hospitals across the state keen to join the Connexion Health Alliance network and are eager to speak with other interested hospitals. Hospitals that would benefit from being a part of the Connexion Health Alliance network include: Stand alone doctor-owned secondary care hospitals. Medium-sized hospitals. Hospitals looking for world-class management and growth opportunities. Forward looking doctor-promoters keen to take their institutions to the next level. Marketing Your Business : Marketing Your Business Significantly improve media placement Fully leverage your community involvement/activities, creating measurable results Develop positive relationships with the media Foster relationship with the community and your customers Increase top-of-mind awareness Differentiate your business from your competitors Attract new customers Seek partnership opportunities Increase brand recognition and equity Write to us at: : Write to us at: Door no-1-24-172/F2 Sree Ram Complex Indira Nagar Colony Lothkunta Secunderabad-500016 Andhra Pradesh Email: [email protected] Call us on: 040- 09346979393 09347272722 OUR NETWORKING : OUR NETWORKING

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