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Published on January 27, 2010

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KEEP SILENCEPLEASE : KEEP SILENCEPLEASE 1. : 1. 2.. : 2.. 3… : 3… 4…. : 4…. 5….. : 5….. LOADING. : LOADING. LOADING.. : LOADING.. LOADING… : LOADING… LOADING…. : LOADING…. LOADING….. : LOADING….. LOADING COMPLETE : LOADING COMPLETE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT OF HOTEL TAJ : HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT OF HOTEL TAJ GURUKUL COLLEGE OF COMMERCE : GURUKUL COLLEGE OF COMMERCE SUB: COM-II Slide 16: PREPARED BY, BHADRESH 38 MUMBAI : MUMBAI Commonly known as ‘Bombay’ until 1996, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. Its original name "Bombay" emerged from the Portugal term "Bom Bahai" meaning good bay or harbour. The city was formed by the reclamation of 7 islands on the central-western coast along the Arabian Sea. Mumbai lies 1400 km west of the Indian capital, New Delhi. It is also known as Manchester of India. Mumbai boomed into a textile city in the 19th Century. With the opening up of the Suez Canal in 1869 the city's future as India's primary port, was assured. Now it is the second biggest city in the world. The glamour of a prolific film industry, cricket on the open areas on weekends, bhel puri (Indian snack) on the Chowpatty beach and red double-decker buses symbolizes the sprit of the city. INTRODUCTION & OVERVIWEOF HOTEL TAJ : INTRODUCTION & OVERVIWEOF HOTEL TAJ Human Resources Management Of Taj Hotel. Taj Hotel is one of the best and well known Hotel in the world. The company was incorporated in 1902 and it opened its first hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai, in 1903. The company then undertook major expansion of The Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai by constructing an adjacent tower. Slide 19:  Taj Hotel at Mumbai is one of the top class five star Hotel in the world. The number of rooms in this hotel were increased from 225 to565 rooms including 46 suites. 12 rooms are available with a capacity ranging from 250 to 500 person in auditorium can be accommodated for cocktail receptions. The Hotel can also provide space for art conference facilities for conferences meeting and seminars meeting rooms and banquet hail include 20000 squre feet area which is spread through 8 rooms seating capacities for auditorium style ranges from 300 to 500 and 300 to750 for big receptions. Slide 20: OBJECTIVES OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 1) to create and utilize an able and motivated workforce, to accomplish the basic organization goals. 2) To establish and maintain sound organizational structure and desirable working relationships among all the members of the organization 3) To attain an effective utilization of human resources in achievement of organization goals. 4) To provide an opportunity for expression and voice in management. 5) To provide fair acceptable and efficient leadership. 6) To provide facilities and condition of work and creation o favorable atmosphere for maintaining stability of employment. Slide 21: TAJ HOTEL HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT(MUMBAI) EXECUTIVES ADMINISTRATION OWNERS & BOARD OF DIRECTORS COLLECTION DEPARTMENT SECURITY CATERING HOUSE KEEPING HEAD CASHIER ASSISTANT CASHIER SECURITY MANAGER INTERNAL SECURITY EXTERNAL SECURITY CATERING MANAGER HEAD CHEF WAITERS & BARTENDER HOUSE KEEPING MANAGER HOUSE KEEPING AT EACH FLOOR CONTROL ROOM AT EACH FLOOR (CCTV CAMERAS) SECURITY GUARDS AT ENTRANCE GATES Slide 22: MR.RATAN TATA CO-OWNER OF HOTEL TAJ EXECUTIVES STAFF OF HOTEL TAJ : EXECUTIVES STAFF OF HOTEL TAJ RAYMOND BICKSON (MD & CHIEF OFFICER) ABHIJIT MUKERJI EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AJOY MISHRA ( VICE PRESIDENT) ANIL GOEL(EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OFFINANCE) ADMINISTRATION : ADMINISTRATION Collection Department :- Collection Department mainly consists of head cashier Assistant cashier Assistant Cashiers Assistant cashiers are those who work under the supervision of head cashier They are mostly in many numbers. Selection Procedure Application Form Written examination Preliminary Interview Training Methods Performance Appraised (Promotions &salary) Slide 25: Head cahier heads and guides his assistant cashiers. The cash book, bills, vouchers and credit receipts and verified and checked by him. 1. Selection Process of Head cashier:- Normally Head cashier is appointed from one of the Assistant cashier. The most talented and experienced one is selected. Procedure Of Selection:- Application Form Written Examination 2. Training Methods or Process 3. Performance Appraisal (promotion) 4. Salaries and other benefits HEAD CASHIER SECURITY DEPARTMENT : SECURITY DEPARTMENT Security department consist of a security manager which heads both Indoor and Outdoor security. Indoor security consist of person and guards to keep on eye on indoor day to day activates the use of CCTV cameras are more useful to them. One control room at each floor is equipped with Computers, Laptop and other Machines to check people movements with the help of CCTV cameras and mostly importantly they are also equipped with fire alarm instrument and fire Extinguisher is kept at different places at each floor. Similarly security guards are employed outside the hotel and as well as in Elevator outside security have to be more alert on people coming from outside into hotel premises. They are specially equipped with metal detectors and other equipments. Slide 27: Selection of security guards: Usually such security guards are hired from well request security agency.Ther is a contract between Taj management and security agency and accordingly agreement is made Best security guards with special training are sent or deployed at Taj directly by the security agency.Although the security manager is of Taj who keeps records of guards to are being employed.So in such case only Aplication form is filled up and other data of employees (security guards) are obtained from their agency. 2. Salaries and other benefits: since ther is an agreement between Taj and security agency,lumpsum amount is directly paid to the agency and payment of security guards are done by their agency and not Taj similiarly training is also given them. Slide 28: COOKING DEPARTMENT SPECIALITYCatering Department:- Catering Department consist of Head chef, chef, waiters and bartenders headed or supervised by catering manager. Since Taj is a well known five star hotels it has best chef, cooks, waiters and bartenders. Selection Process:- Selection is specially of catering department of taj where lots of foreigners and other VIP visit is quite strict and difficult The Process of selection is as follows: Application form Examination Medical Examination Interviews and Final Decision Training methods Performance Appraisal (Salary & Promotion) Slide 29: HK refers to housekeepers employees at each floor there job is to maintained clear liness and hygiene. They are headed by head of housekeeping at each floor. He supers vise and the house keepers. Selection and training:- House keepers are also hired from a particular house keeper agency so the contract or agreement is made between taj authority and their agency. So housekeepers are selected and sent by their agency similarly training is also given by them only. Salaries and other benefits HOUSE KEEPING DEPARTMENT Slide 30: Recession in modern world economy started from august 2008 & is still continuing on.It has adversely affected all sectors in the country EFFECT OF RECESSION OF ALLDEPARTMENT Slide 31: It led to reduction in salaries of employees especially of those whose salaries were more than Rs.20000/- The salaries especially of head cashier and cashier were reduced by 15% Many coocks,chef were removed and limited persons were adversely affected. But in case of security department no compromise was alon to remove security guards but their salaries were reduced Also many number of house keepers were removed and salary of remaining one were reduced. THIS HAS ALSO AFFECT TAJ AND IT’S EFFECTS ON TAJ ARE AS FOLLOWS: Slide 33: An unfortunate incident happened on 26th November 2008,when terrorists attacked Hotel Taj,CST station and other place many people died and hundreds were wounded many hostages were hold up at taj and rescue operation took more than 3 days Hotel taj suffered loss of about 100 crores EFFECT OF 26/11 TERRORIST ATTACK Slide 34: FEW MEMORIES OF 26/11 PLEASE STANDS FOR NATIONAL ANTHEM : PLEASE STANDS FOR NATIONAL ANTHEM THANK YOU : THANK YOU

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