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Published on June 13, 2016

Author: emartda



slide 1: REMOTE NEX T TO YOU slide 2: delivers Software development team that Proven long term partner of global industry leaders as well as booster of young creative startups. We specialize on outsourcing of top-notch dedicated software development teams custom development of web and mobile applications and system integration. Reliability high quality of delivery and proactive common sense approach are the key reasons why companies like Mulesoft Atlassian Protecht or Clearvision have chosen us as a long term development partner and our teams have been a part of their development process for years. HOTOVO - truly reliable Positive recommendation from an existing client is probably the best and the most valuable reference you can get. Receiving such a honor even after years of ongoing cooperation says a lot about the quality of your relationship and standard of delivered services. Majority of our new clients have reached us via personal references from our existing satisfied clients and we are very proud of it. When you get recommended by someone that trusts you it means a very strong commitment and you do your very best to overcome the expectations. And this is how it works with us. slide 3: It simply works It works because we think long term scale and deliver. As the true partner should. Deliver high quality on time - We utilize best talent thats the magic behind the scenes. Be personal - Its a matter of attitude. Motivated - Again matter of attitude. Transparent - Its always clear everything every time. No bullshit. Keep up with the latest trends - Part of our genome. Be better then others - We won the Atlassian challenge for the best plugin and Mulesoft challenge for the best community connector. Be close - GMT+1 2 hours flight from UK Used to work across time zones - From US West coast to Australian East coast. Always challenge the status quo. Give a fair price - Get the most for your money. Be flexible and scale - Do anything to make it. Work extra hours ramp-up drink coffee. Utilize agile principles - Because agile works. And there is always fun with us - As life is not only about work. Well we will never trick you say YES and commit for something if we dont believe that its really doable. We will not stop asking and arguing until we make sure we are on the same page. We may be annoying from time to time but when we commit we keep the word. slide 4: True partners Our teams start small and grow organically. We build on personal relations make friends always have an opinion provide feedback bring up ideas commit deliver and continuously improve. Thats our elemental approach. Super-low fluctuation helps us minimize the knowledge transfer costs. Extend the capacity of development teams in a long run share the vision long term goals be a reliable long term partner Help to overcome temporary peaks or cover immediate rump-up needs Provide a specific missing skills or know-how We can basically help with the following: Hotovo has been a part of development teams of Atlassian Sydney San Francisco since 2010 Mulesoft San Francisco Buenos Aires since 2014 ProTecht Sydney since 2010 or Clearvision Southampton UK since 2015. We can cover various activities / roles including development testing architecture UI/UX design proxy product ownership scrum masters/project management support and put teams together the way to fit the needs. We are used to work in an agile way across the time zones slide 5: From an idea to a real product - custom solutions tailored to specific needs. We identify the desired scope budget and deadlines and transform it into a realistic plan with predictable results. We cover the full software development life-cycle including support and maintenance. We deliver custom solutions in an agile way using SCRUM and XP practices iteratively with a full transparency continuously demoing the progress and improving the cooperation process. We are able to get the solutions fast to market and at the same time prepare it for the massive scalability. We can also integrate delivered solution with other systems via custom integration or integration platforms. The art of possible Web apps Mobile app Desktop apps Fast prototyping / PoC proof-of-concept creation MVP minimum viable product development Scalable production systems Requirement analysis solution design Implementation Support and maintenance Custom development slide 6: Real time data availability mobile connectivity unified user experience - synergy coming from the integration of isolated systems within hybrid environments. We have an experience with various integration scenarios. From custom point-to-point messaging to Enterprise service bus integration platforms. Integration Synergy multiplied Business process integration Data integration UI integration Point-to-point Custom messaging based middle-ware ESB Salesforce Workday SAP MS Dynamics Atlassian tool-set Oracle Siebel ServiceNow Migration Broadcast Aggregation Bidirectional synch.. Security Gateways API design API life-cycle management Data transformation Citizen integration Mulesoft We have learned the best practices by working directly with Mulesoft covering many areas of Anypoint Platform. We have implemented over 100 of integration templates utilizing best practices for various integration patterns target systems and data objects. Our experience spans from Salesforce SAP Workday to Micrsoft Dynamics Netsuite and many more. We deliver: • MuleESB applications - deploying Mule apps to Cloudhub in complex scenarios • Anypoint Templates or Examples - publishing to Anypoint Exchange • Custom Mule ESB connectors - certification and publishing to Anypoint Exchange • Anypoint Platform for APIs • managing API lifecycle from creating to customizing developer portal • describing APIs using RAML • developing custom policies - applicable to API gateways publishing to Anypoint Exchange Atlassian We are full-blooded Atlassian experts. We have been a part of Atlassian ecosystem since its early times and we have even had former Atlassian employees in our team. We implement robust custom plugins for on-premise and cloud Atlassian products that includes implemen- tation of custom client-server solutions with responsive rich UI and scalable backend. We know how to integrate Atlassian tools with other systems in a reliable way • Custom plugin development • integration • customization • licenses • training • JIRA • Confluence • Bamboo • Crowd • BitBucket • on-premise P2 • cloud P3 - connect Apart from delivery of solutions for our clients we have also implemented various own Atlassian related products and cooperated with several Atlassian vendors on delivery of their solutions. slide 7: Expertise partner outsourcing of development teams custom development - web desktop mobile system integration AWS micro-services graphical design Mulesoft Atlassian consulting partnering on business development startup support product development Technology stack Web Applications: HTML5 CSS JS React.JS Angular.JS jQuery Bootstrap Wicket GWT/GXT Mobile Applications: Native iOS Android WinPhone Hybrid Native React Native Hybrid Web HTML5 Cordova Desktop Applications: Hybrid HTML5 Atom Electron + NodeJS Java + HTML5 Java Swing Java FX OSX Cocoa ObjectiveC Switft Cloud Solutions: IaaS: AWS EC2 PaaS: AWS Internet Of Things API Gateway Lambda CloudFront S3 DynamoDB... OpenShift Behind The Firewall Java EE: Glassfish JBoss RDBMS Standalone Solutions: Lightweight J2EE Jetty Jersey Tomcat Spring Based Java Standalone Netty ZMQ REST: Jersey Pure Java NIO Node.JS Web Sockets Technologies: Datamining: ELK Stack Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana Lucene Hibernate JMS ActiveMQ RabbitMQ HornetQ ZMQ MQTT MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB noSQL databases Mule Solutions: MuleESB CloudHub API Gateway Custom connectors API policies RAML Python Django Flask Methodology and tools Agile - SCRUM Kanban XP Collaboration - Atlassian JIRA Confluence BaseCamp Trello Source control - Git BitBucket SourceTree GitFlow Continuous delivery - Bamboo Jenkins Docker App monitoring Support - JIRA Service desk Risk management News media Healthcare Payment processing Domain expertise slide 8: Hotovo life continuous learning and improvement technology sessions startup events Values Be open to experience challenge the status-quo Be professional with heart and human face Always deliver Wow experience Health and family first Treat everyone equally Reliability fairness transparency ethical correctness Health and family first CHECKOUT OUR FACEBOOK Facts • Slovakia - EU EURO zone NATO member with AAA SP / A2 Moody´s rating • Kosice - 2nd largest city in Slovakia European city of culture 2013 European city of sport 2016 • 4 Universities - wide pool of hi-skilled tech resources • GWT+1 time zone • Established region for IT suppliers • Located in the middle of Central Europe • One of cheapest well educated labor in EU according to Eurostat • High IP protection standards

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