How Different Industries Can Benefit From Using Automated Messaging

Information about How Different Industries Can Benefit From Using Automated Messaging

Published on August 20, 2018

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How Different Industries Can Benefit From Using Automated Messaging: How Different Industries Can Benefit From Using Automated Messaging By: Call- em -all Copyright @ Call- em -all 1 Slide2: ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY 2 Sending out announcements of new shows, concerts, movies, attractions, etc. Copyright @ Call- em -all Slide3: FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS 3 Those who have opted for correspondence from financial institutions are the most interested in reading about new financial offers to take advantage of. Copyright @ Call- em -all Slide4: CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS 4 Charitable institutions would be well served by employing a robust automated messaging strategy to update recipients on the progress of their cause and provide opportunities to donate. Copyright @ Call- em -all Slide5: BEAUTY INDUSTRY 5 Texting is perfect for sending recipients updates on new products, discounts and promotions on costly beauty products, as well as reminders about upcoming events. Copyright @ Call- em -all Slide6: RETAIL 6 Retail businesses are constantly changing things up, promoting new sales, and receiving new inventory. Keeping customers interested and informed means the need for a robust messaging campaign. Copyright @ Call- em -all Slide7: HEALTHCARE 7 Allows for recipients to be informed about insurance options, regulations, and practice changes Travel Industry. Mass messaging is an excellent way to get vacation ready patrons informed about new destinations and great travel deals. Copyright @ Call- em -all Slide8: RESTAURANTS 8 For consumers out and about, learning that restaurants are featuring a certain appealing dish or promoting a one day deal that’s too good to pass, may be just what they need to stop by your establishment. Copyright @ Call- em -all Slide9: SOCIAL CAUSES 9 Mass texting a large base of supporters can alert recipients of new stories and developments regarding a particular cause. Copyright @ Call- em -all Slide10: JOB SITES 10 Recipients who can get up to date texts on the status of jobs available in a particular field would benefit greatly from a job recruitment company that engages in mass texting. Copyright @ Call- em -all Visit us to learn more: : Visit us to learn more : 11 Copyright @ Call- em -all THANK YOU: THANK YOU 12 Copyright @ Call- em -all

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