How does Klout scoring work?

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Published on October 3, 2011

Author: Isrina



How does Klout scoring work?: How does Klout scoring work? PowerPoint Presentation: Klout , a San Francisco based company, provides social media analytics to measure a user's influence across the social network. The sites such as Twitter or Facebook are taken for analysis. How does Klout score work?: How does Klout score work? PowerPoint Presentation: Klout measures influence by using data points from Twitter: Following count, follower count, list memberships, retweets , how many spam/dead accounts are following you, how influential are the people that retweet you, and other unique mentions. PowerPoint Presentation: This information is blended with Facebook data such as likes, comments and the number of friends in your network to come up with a " Klout Score" that measures a user's online influence. Parameters of Klout Score: Parameters of Klout Score PowerPoint Presentation: The Klout Score uses data from social networks in to measure: Network Impact: The influence of your network. True Reach: The number of people you influence. Amplification: The extent to which you influence them. PowerPoint Presentation: The True Reach means how many people you influence. Klout filters out spam and focuses on the people who are acting on your content. PowerPoint Presentation: Amplification indicates how much you influence people. When you post a message, the number of people are traced who respond to it and spread it further. PowerPoint Presentation: Network refers to the top Influencers sharing and responding to your content. When they do so, they are increasing your Network score. PowerPoint Presentation: Would you like to try out Klout ?

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