How insurance brokers can harness the power of linked in lead generation

Information about How insurance brokers can harness the power of linked in lead generation

Published on February 6, 2017

Author: ArloGibb



1. How Insurance Brokers Can Harness the Power of LinkedIn Lead Generation

2. Organic growth is the dream for insurance brokers. Achieving a steady stream of warm prospects will take much of the work out of marketing and lead nurturing, giving busy brokers the time to spend on other aspects of their business.

3. LinkedIn is the business-oriented social network that can transform this dream into a reality.

4. When setting up a profile for both yourself and your brokerage, make sure you get the basics right to give potential clients an accurate and impressive low-down on what you can provide, reinforcing your position as an authority in the market.

5. You can use LinkedIn’s Showcase Page function to enhance the impact of your profile and to highlight content, ensuring that prospects and leads understand precisely why you should be their first choice insurance brokerage.

6. They enable you to drive traffic to your website by building a larger network, building thought leadership, sending weekly messages, promoting content and much more. LinkedIn groups are an extremely powerful feature of the platform.

7. And brand authority doesn’t stop at creating your own group; joining other LinkedIn Groups is your starting point to built trust and create awareness around your brand. Once group members trust you as a professional and understand what your company does, you can invite them to follow your own LinkedIn Company Page for more updates.

8. Research and join the groups most relevant to you, build your authority by engaging in discussions and sharing highly relevant content. Use the ‘group searching’ tool to connect with relevant groups in your field.

9. This is a powerful content marketing tool to gain an insight into what stories and content pieces customers are engaging with. Using this knowledge, you can create content that is guaranteed to be successful and position your brokerage for success. ‘LinkedIn Pulse’ is designed to deliver news and features to you according to your interests.

10. Gaining authority by making the right associations is a major part of an organic lead generation campaign. Pulse is also useful for identifying and connecting with the influencers and authorities in the market.

11. The LinkedIn ‘Sales Navigator’ allows you to quickly assess and score the value of each lead based on whether the lead has viewed your profile within the last 90 days and whether they have engaged with similar content or services. The ability to locate high potential connections and build trust quickly enables you to cut out the time usually wasted trying to find the right people to talk to.

12. Use Premium Search filters based on personal or organisational parameters such as location, company size, industry, company revenue and job title. You can also use Lead Recommendations to automatically receive leads based on pre-sets and historically saved leads.

13. Subscribers to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator will receive access to this as standard, further underlining why the Sales Navigator package is an absolute must for brand builders and insurance lead generators. LinkedIn’s InMail tool is a way to send sponsored mail to users to supplement your lead generation strategies.

14. While less effective in bringing in qualified, hot leads than an organic content strategy, sponsored mail does represent another string to be added to your LinkedIn lead generation bow.

15. Introduce a more profound level of connection by offering personalised responses to those who interact with you, escalating the conversation to a consultation meeting or a phone call. This is the sort of interaction which leads respond well to. The expert advice is to use the tool carefully; it is fundamentally just cold email marketing.

16. Want to better understand the power and process of lead generation? Take a look at our guide “Insurance Brokers Guide To Website Enhancement for Serious Lead Generation”.

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