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Published on April 9, 2010

Author: will.babylon



Slide 1: green your house, slash your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint… at little or no cost to you. Babylon’s Consumption : Babylon’s Consumption Residential housing accounts for 38% of the Town’s energy consumption, adding 1,146,690 tons of CO2 into the air every year. Long Island Green Homes targets this largest segment, allowing homeowners to increase the efficiency of their homes at little or no up-front cost. Barriers to Home Performance : Barriers to Home Performance Up Front Cost New Debt Long Term Investment Solution: Long Island Green Homes! What is Long Island Green Homes? : What is Long Island Green Homes? Energy Efficiency Program One Stop Shopping Financing up to $12,000 How it Works : How it Works Step 1 Self Check Home Inventory Answer simple questions about your home Provide two years of prior utility data If you have any questions contact Green Homes How it Works : How it Works Step 2 Schedule a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit Schedule with Green Homes or a Green Homes licensed contractor All Green Homes Contractors are certified by the Building Performance Institute Audit Fee is $250, which is deducted from the cost of measures if homeowner goes forward with the project Slide 7: A Home Performance Evaluation is performed by a contractor licensed by the Town and certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). BPI is a recognized global leader in building science and sets standards for assessing and improving energy performance. Assess insulation Perform a Blower Door Test Conduct infrared scanning Evaluate heating, cooling and hot water systems Check appliance and lighting efficiency Perform a health and safety inspection What is an Energy Audit? How it Works : How it Works Step 3 Receive Report Homeowner is given a detailed explanation of how his or her household uses energy, where the most energy is being lost and improvements that are recommended to increase efficiency Report calculates the cost of each improvement, the simple payback and the SIR along with the projected usage savings on the household’s utility bills Slide 9: Efficient Lighting Weatherstripping Caulking Air and Duct Sealing Insulation Upgrading of heating units Renewables Energy-Saving Home Improvements How it Works : How it Works Step 4 Moving Forward … Homeowner is presented with pre-approved work scope for improved energy efficiency by contractor Includes estimation of how much money and energy each measure will save How it Works : How it Works Step 5 Receive a Benefit Assessment to Finance Improvements Homeowners are presented with a contract to perform improvements Participants receive a benefit assessment to their home that pays for energy-saving improvements All improvements made by town-licensed private contractors How it Works : How it Works Step 6 Pay Back Over Time from Money Saved on Utility Bills Homeowner pays off the benefit assessment based on the projected energy savings Pay period and monthly payment amount is structured according to how much energy the homeowner is likely to save every month Payments are transferrable to the next homeowner Benefits : No up-front costs to the homeowner Once the licensed contractor, selected by the homeowner, has completed the work, the Town pays the contractor directly Homeowner has a positive cash flow Once the improvements are completely paid for all of the savings go directly to the homeowner. Town certifies energy efficiency of retrofitted house Benefits Contact Us or Stop By : Long Island Green Homes Town of Babylon 281 Phelps Lane North Babylon, NY 11703 9:00 am – 4:00pm 631-422-4411 [email protected] Contact Us or Stop By

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