How To Be a Good Personal Injury Witness

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Published on July 24, 2014

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How To Be a Good Personal Injury Witness: How To Be a Good Personal Injury Witness PowerPoint Presentation: If your New Jersey personal injury attorney determines that you need to testify at your own trial, you have only one chance to tell the jury your side of the story and convince them to vote in your favor. It is important to consider the ten following important tips when testifying: PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Be as familiar as possible with the detailed facts of your accident. 2. Know the details of your medical history, medical treatment for the subject accident, and any medication you were prescribed for your pain and in treating your injuries. 3. Be honest and truthful in answering any questions while on the stand. 4. Alternate eye contact between the jury and the judge while testifying. PowerPoint Presentation: 5. Wear proper court attire. 6. Do not answer a question if you do not completely understand what is being asked – ask for further clarification if necessary. 7. Be polite to all court personnel, the judge and the opposing counsel. 8. Arrive to court on time. PowerPoint Presentation: 9. Speak in a loud and clear tone of voice so that the judge, the jury and the court reporter can hear you. 10. Tell your New Jersey injury lawyer if you need a break or are uncomfortable. PowerPoint Presentation: Call Us For more information about how to successfully testify at your own personal injury trial or to schedule a complimentary consultation with an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer, please call the Law Offices of Dan T. Matrafajlo at 908.248.4404 . We have offices in Elizabeth, North Brunswick and Newark, New Jersey to serve you. Mr. Matrafajlo has the experience in New Jersey courts that you need. He has been recognized locally for his legal ability, named a Super Lawyers Rising Star, and has even helped set legal precedent in personal injury law with cases such as Hardison v. King. Dan will fight for your legal rights!

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