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Published on July 14, 2014

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How to Build a Dream Home Cost Effectively: How to Build a Dream Home Cost Effectively Building a home is a costly business, especially when it is to happen in an exotic place like Kerala. PowerPoint Presentation: When one does go about building their dream home in Kerala , they are going to find that the process is full of a million decisions regarding purchase that involve everything from square footage to floor coverings. The trick to completing one’s dream home in Kerala in time and well within one’s budget is to appoint professional builders in Kerala , so as to avoid hidden expenditures. For the thing is, costs happen to mount each time one makes changes to their original house plan. The thing about hidden expenditures is that they tend to creep up slowly - every single time one authorizes an upgrade or a change of some sort. Decisions that may seem insignificant at first, such as choosing a different light fixture can quickly add thousands to one’s costs, and thus, ruining one’s budget. The following are some places where costs are likely to rise when one is involved in cochin projects : Firstly, when one is disposing of construction materials they might incur quite a bit of costs. So it is recommended that one reviews their contract with the cochin builders so as to ensure that they have allotted a reasonable amount of money for dumping and cleaning up fees. So when building a home or flats in cochin , one should speak to the contractor so as to ensure that he has appointed sub-contractors to transport the excess material to the dump. Secondly, there are the outside forces. These too can take a toll on one’s budget so it is necessary that one appoints the best builders in thiruvananthapuram so as to keep the cost of material as well as labor in check. These tend to vary according to the time of the year, so one should choose a time to start construction when there are no outside forces like shortage of lumber at work. PowerPoint Presentation: Thirdly, there can be coordination problems between trades so one should appoint those builders in Trivandrum that are have workers who are available at the times that one requires them. Depending on the rooms, costs tend to rise as well. These include kitchens and bathrooms especially. So when one is building a property at kottoyam , they should definitely resist underestimating costs in these areas. Apartments in Kottoyam require fixtures and lighting of which costs seem rise invariably so home owners should approve the allowance for these realistically. Fourthly, one should always remember that the cost per square that is calculated may prove to be inaccurate if one bases the calculation on a house plan that is larger when actually building a house that is smaller. This happens when costs of expensive items such as plumbing and ventilation is spread over a less square footage. And lastly, instances arise when there maybe some unplanned changes. Estimates, when building homes, more often than not, prove to be wrong. Albeit proper planning may lower cost overruns, it is recommended that one builds in an additional ten percent so as to cover unexpected costs. Also, price fluctuations can also ruin one’s budget, especially those of materials as they vary according to the demand. These need to be bought when they are at their most affordable prices. PowerPoint Presentation: So one should think long and hard before embarking on building a house, it is definitely not at easy task, however, the feeling that one gets when they move into an abode that was custom made just for them, all the hard work tends to pay off quite nicely. TRIVANDRUM Skyline Plaza, Vellayambalam, Trivandrum - 695010 Kerala, India. Tel: +91 471 2726992, 2721803, 2729467, 4081000 Fax +91 471 2726978 COCHIN Karikkamuri Cross Road, Cochin - 682 011 Kerala, India. Tel: +91 484 4118888 +91 484 2377885 (9:30 am - 5.30 pm) Fax: +91 484 2377886 GURUVAYOOR SFS Temple Terrace, Thrissur Road, East Nada, Guruvayoor - 680101 Kerala, India. Tel: +91 487 2559512 (9.00a.m-5:30pm) KOTTAYAM SFS Tranquil, Kodimatha, Kottayam. Kerala, India. BANGALORE 149/2-350/2, Hosur Road, Dharmaram College Post, Bangalore - 560029 Karnataka, India. DUBAI Mezzanine Floor B-Block, Baby Shop Buildings, P.O.BOX : 115750, Al-Karama, Dubai, UAE. Tel: 009714 3370074 Fax: 009714 3370155

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