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HOW TO BUILT A SUPERCOMPUTER?: HOW TO BUILT A SUPERCOMPUTER? SUPERCOMPUTER: SUPERCOMPUTER It is a high performance computing machine designed to have extremely fast  processing  speeds. Supercomputers have various applications, such as performing complex scientific calculations, modeling simulations, and rendering large amounts of 3D graphics . Two common types Cluster Multi-Processor Cluster Computers: Cluster Computers Each computer in a cluster is a complete computer by itself CPU Memory Disk etc Computers communicate with each other via some interconnection bus Typically used where one computer does not have enough capacity to do the expected work Cluster Computers: Cluster Computers Cluster Computers: Search requests come to one computer Sends request to one of the 6 Attempts to keep all 6 busy Cluster Computers Multiprocessors: Multiprocessors Systems designed to have 2 to 8 CPUs The CPUs all share the other parts of the computer Memory Disk System Bus etc CPUs communicate via Memory and the System Bus Multiprocessor: Multiprocessor Each CPU shares memory, disks, etc Cheaper than clusters Not as good performance as clusters Often used for Small Servers High-end Workstations Multiprocessors: Multiprocessors I/O Port Device Device Controller CPU Bus Memory CPU CPU Multiprocessor: Multiprocessor OS automatically shares work among available CPUs 1) One CPU can be running an engineering design program 2) Another CPU can be doing complex graphics formatting PowerPoint Presentation: HOW TO BUILT A SUPERCOMPUTER? FIRST DETERMINE THE HARDWARE COMPONENTS AND RESOURCES NEEDED: FIRST DETERMINE THE HARDWARE COMPONENTS AND RESOURCES NEEDED IDENTICAL COMPUTE NODES Ethernet switch power distribution unit Rack Determine the electrical demand cooling space required . BUILD THE COMPUTE NODES: BUILD THE COMPUTE NODES assemble the compute nodes acquire pre-build servers . Choose a computer server chassis that maximizes space, cooling, and energy efficiency. processors , network adapters, and motherboards RAM and storage PowerPoint Presentation: INSTALL THE SERVERS INTO THE RACK Install the Ethernet switch above the server chassis Install the PDU (Power Distribution Unit ) Install the message-passing interface, resource-manager, and other necessary libraries.   Network the compute nodes together PowerPoint Presentation: THE END

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