How to create a new gmail account

Information about How to create a new gmail account

Published on May 25, 2012

Author: krazygeeks



How to create a new gmail account: How to create a new gmail account Tutorial made easy by PowerPoint Presentation: This is your clean and Neat desktop. PowerPoint Presentation: Choose a browser PowerPoint Presentation: Type here PowerPoint Presentation: Click on “create An account” PowerPoint Presentation: Fill your details In the boxes provided PowerPoint Presentation: Click “I agree” & then Select “next step”. PowerPoint Presentation: Add your profile info Or proceed to next step PowerPoint Presentation: After a welcome message, This will be your gmail Account. PowerPoint Presentation: Congratulations…. PowerPoint Presentation: You have successfully Created a new gmail Account. A quality production… By PowerPoint Presentation: Please do share this…. Please do subscribe To our channel.. Thank You.. and

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