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Published on June 12, 2015

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1. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |            

2. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Content  Calendar         Strategy.  Planning.  Preparation.  Schedule.  Engage.  Monitor.  Revise.   Reinvent.  Implement.       These  are  key  words  when  it  comes  to  developing  and  maintaining  a   solid  and  successful  presence  on  social  media.  Yet  most  people  overlook   all  of  them.  These  components  are  necessary  to  establish  your  brand  on   social  media  in  a  way  that  actually  gets  you  the  results  that  you  want,   instead  of  just  being  a  waste  of  time.       Creating  a  social  media  content  calendar  for  your  strategy  is  crucial,  and   the  only  way  to  be  in  control  of  your  social  media  presence,  stay   organized,  and  avoid  feeling  overwhelmed.  But  where  do  you  start?       You  start  right  here!       First,  answer  the  following  questions  below  to  get  clear  about  why   you’re  on  social  media  in  the  first  place,  and  what  you  want  to   accomplish  for  your  brand,  through  social  media.     #SocialMedia Tip: Focus less on gaining more fans & followers, and focus more on building your e-mail list!

3. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |       STEP  1:  Answer  These  Questions     1. What is the purpose of your social media presence? What is it that you want to accomplish through your social media profiles? 2. Which social media platforms will you be focusing on?

4. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     3. What types of content/updates will you be posting? 4. What is your social media voice? 5. How often will you post your updates on each platform? 6. Where will you find content to post? 7. Who will create your original content? 8. When will you create your updates? 9. What scheduling tool(s) will you use to help streamline the posting process? 10. When will you go online to reply to questions and comments, like, or re-tweet other people’s posts, and interact with your social media audience in real time? 11. How will you measure your success?

5. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     12. How often will you check your social media stats and analytics to determine the effectiveness and success of your updates? 13. What special events, holiday promotions, giveaways, contests, launches, products, services, blog posts, etc. do you know about in advance that you can incorporate into your calendar for the year? 14. What national holidays, major industry events, etc. do you want to post about this year? Include them in your calendar as well. 15. How often will you pay to promote your content on social media? What content will you pay to promote? What is your monthly budget? #SocialMedia Tip: You can't just sell, sell, sell, & promote, promote, promote, on social media. You have to build relationships with people. Engage, Interact, and Be Social!  

6. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |       Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of maximizing your time on social media:   Don’ts   v Don’t wake up every day and log on to social media only to schedule or post your updates for that day.

7. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     v Don’t go to Canva ( to create 1 or 2 social media graphics to share that day. v Don’t sporadically sign in to social media, i.e. you log in on Monday, and don’t log in again until Friday. v Don’t expect to get results on social media if you’re not consistent, and active on a regular basis. v Don’t miss out on opportunities to build trust and relationships online, because you only log in to post a promo or update, then immediately log out, never having interacted with anyone.   Do’s   v Maximize your time by batching your tasks together, and scheduling your updates at least a few days in advance. v Use Canva ( to create unique graphics to share on social media. Try to create at least 10 or 20 graphics at a time. v Schedule your social media updates at least one week in advance, rather than just for one day. v Take 15-30 mins. a day to reply to people’s comments, questions, tweets, etc. on your social media accounts. v Take 5 mins. a day to follow new people/follow back your new followers on Twitter and Instagram. v Take 10 mins. a day to interact on social media in real time, i.e. like other people’s posts, comment on other people’s photos, re-tweet on Twitter, etc. v Once a week, review your Facebook page insights to see which posts are getting the most engagement, interaction, and reach,

8. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     and be sure to post more of that specific type of content. v Pay to promote your Facebook posts, or tweets on Twitter periodically, to gain more exposure for your profiles, grow your fan base, and reach a broader audience. v Connect your Twitter profile to your Facebook page so that all of your Facebook updates automatically post to Twitter as well. STEP  2:     Write  down  5-­‐10  different  types  of  updates  you  want  to  share  on   your  social  media  profiles,  and  create  a  schedule  of  when  you’d  like   to  post  these  updates  throughout  the  day/week  (you  will  find  a   sample  calendar  below).  Make  sure  they  are  a  mix  of  a  variety  of   posts,  including,  but  not  limited  to:     ü Personal  photos   ü Videos   ü Quote  Graphics   ü Questions/Fill-­‐in-­‐the-­‐blanks   ü Blog  Post  Links   ü Other  People’s  Content  (Funny,  Entertaining,  Informative,   Helpful)   ü Motivational/Inspirational  Quotes   ü Promotions/Contests/Giveaways   ü E-­‐mail  sign-­‐up  promos   ü Industry  tips       STEP  3:  Create  a  monthly  content  creation  schedule       Create  a  monthly  content  creation  schedule  to  determine  when  you   will  spend  time  developing  the  specific  content  that  you’ll  post  on  

9. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     social  media  each  month.  This  is  where  you  create  the  actual   updates  that  you’re  going  to  share.         Here’s  an  example:     Video  –  3  Tips  To  Get  More  Organized       Blog  Post  –  How  To  Become  A  Better  Dance  Teacher  In  5  Simple   Steps     Motivational  Quote  –  “You  won’t  be  fulfilled  by  trying  to  do  what   someone  else  is  doing.  The  anointing  on  your  life  is  for  your  gifts— your  calling.”  ~  Joel  Osteen       This  is  where  you  get  specific  about  exactly  what  each  update  will  be,   create  the  updates/blog  posts/videos/graphics,  and  get  them  ready  to   be  scheduled  in  your  social  media  calendar,  with  the  proper  links,   images,  etc.     Example  Of  A  Monthly  Content  Creation  Schedule:   Week 1 - Schedule your social media updates for the entire month. Week 2 - Create 30 social media graphics for the month. Week 3 – Record and edit 4 new YouTube videos (for the month) or, create your weekly e-newsletters for the month. Week 4 - Write and edit 6-8 new blog posts. Schedule when they will be posted on your blog for the next month. When you break your tasks down like this, and take one week of the month to focus on one item, it makes it feel less overwhelming. That way, you never feel like you’re falling behind or trying to play catch up. You’ll always be ahead of the game.

10. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     STEP  4:  Schedule  your  updates  in  advance:         - Use  Hootsuite  or  Buffer  to  schedule  your  updates  in  advance   across  multiple  platforms.  (,         - Take  advantage  of  Facebook’s  Scheduling  feature.       - Use  Postplanner  to  find  viral  photos  (free),  as  well  as  other   viral  content  to  share  (paid  option)  and  schedule  on   Facebook.  (       #SocialMedia Tip: For maximum results, post AT LEAST 4x a day, especially on FB & Twitter. This may sound like a lot. But remember, every fan & follower you have will not see every update you post. Post often & consistently throughout the day and evening, for maximum results.    

11. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |                     Sample  Facebook  Weekly  Social  Media  Calendar      

12. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday   8-­‐9  am     Motivational     Quote     8-­‐9  am     Inspirational    Quote     8-­‐9  am     Motivational  Quote     8-­‐9  am     Inspirational    Quote     8-­‐9  am     Motivational  Quote     8-­‐9  am     Inspirational     Quote       8-­‐9  am     Motivational  Quote     10-­‐11  am     Industry  Tip  Of  The   Day     10-­‐11  am     Brand  Promotion   (product/service/   event/e-­‐mail  sign-­‐up)     10-­‐11  am     Industry  Tip  Of  The   Day     10-­‐11  am     Brand  Promotion   (product/service/   event/e-­‐mail  sign-­‐up)     10-­‐11  am     Industry  Tip  Of  The   Day     10-­‐11  am     Brand  Promotion   (product/service/   event/e-­‐mail  sign-­‐ up)     10-­‐11  am     Personal   Photo/Brand   Video     12-­‐1  pm     Personal  Photo/Brand   Video     12-­‐1  pm     Fill-­‐in-­‐the-­‐blank     12-­‐1  pm     Personal  Photo/Brand   Video     12-­‐1  pm     Question  of  the  day     12-­‐1  pm     Personal   Photo/Brand  Video     12-­‐1  pm     Fill-­‐in-­‐the-­‐blank     12-­‐1  pm     Blog  Post  Link     2-­‐3  pm     Blog  Post  Link     2-­‐3  pm     Personal  Photo/Brand   Video     2-­‐3  pm     Blog  Post  Link     2-­‐3  pm     Personal   Photo/Brand  Video     2-­‐3  pm     Blog  Post  Link     2-­‐3  pm     Personal   Photo/Brand   Video     2-­‐3  pm     Question  of  the  day     4-­‐6  pm     Motivational  Quote     4-­‐6  pm     Industry  Tip  Of  The   Day     4-­‐6  pm     Motivational  Quote     4-­‐6  pm     Industry  Tip  Of  The   Day     4-­‐6  pm     Motivational  Quote     4-­‐6  pm     Industry  Tip  Of   The  Day     4-­‐6  pm     Other  People’s   Content  –   Entertaining/   Funny/Informative   7-­‐9  pm     Question  of  the  day       7-­‐9  pm   Other  People’s   Content  –   Entertaining/   Funny/Informative   7-­‐9  pm     Question  of  the  day       7-­‐9  pm   Other  People’s   Content  –   Entertaining/   Funny/Informative   7-­‐9  pm   Question  of  the  day       7-­‐9  pm   Other  People’s   Content  –   Entertaining/   Funny/Informative   7-­‐9  pm   Brand  Promotion   (product/service/   event/e-­‐mail  sign-­‐ up)   10  pm-­‐12  am     Other  People’s   Content  –   Entertaining/   Funny/Informative   10  pm-­‐12  am     Motivational  Quote     10  pm-­‐12  am     Other  People’s   Content  –   Entertaining/   Funny/Informative   10  pm-­‐12  am     Motivational  Quote     10  pm-­‐12  am     Other  People’s   Content  –   Entertaining/   Funny/Informative   10  pm-­‐12  am     Motivational  Quote     10  pm  –  12  am     Inspirational  quote           #SocialMedia Tip: Having thousands of Facebook fans means nothing if the engagement on your page is low. Too many people are focused on getting more likes on their page, but their "fans" never even see or engage with their updates.

13. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     Engagement is the key to growing your brand online, and building trust and recognition with your target audience.       You  are  officially  ready  to  create  your  own,  unique  social  media  content   calendar  for  your  brand!  I  hope  that  you  found  this  resource  helpful,  and   that  you  learned  something  new!    

14. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     If  you  have  more  questions,  or  need  more  help,  feel  free  to  e-­‐mail  me  at   [email protected]  anytime.     For  more  social  media  tips,  tools,  and  resources,  visit  my  website  here,       If you’d like to learn even MORE about how to grow your brand and start getting REAL RESULTS on social media, I invite you to join my new Facebook group for entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, bloggers, writers, dancers, and media professionals. Learn more and join my secret Facebook group, “How To SHINE On Social Media With Ashani Mfuko” HERE ->       Stay  in  touch  with  me  on  social  media  here:       Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Pinterest: Instagram: Tumblr:

15. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     Google+:   Ashani Mfuko is a Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Award-Winning Blogger, and Professional Dancer. Ashani works with small businesses, corporations, & non-profit organizations as a Social Media Strategist and Digital Marketing Specialist. She creates results-driven, innovative social media strategies that are proven to increase your revenue and catapult your brand to expert status in your niche! She has an extensive track record of creating and implementing successful social media strategies for her clients. She is also the Host and Executive Producer of the “Inside New York City Dance” television show on MNN, and is a proud wife and new mom. Ashani has been featured as a Social Media Expert on the Arise & Shine Weekend Morning Show, in Dance Magazine, as a “Media Maven”, as well as in Dance Mogul magazine, Inside Woman magazine, & Dance Studio Life magazine, in addition to various dance blogs online. She is the author and creator of the, “Finance Your Dance: How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit“ e-book and workshop, and her dance blog won the Reader’s Choice, “Top Dance Business Blog” of the year award, two years

16. How  To  Create  A  Social  Media  Calendar|  Created  by  Ashani  Mfuko  |                                                 Copyright  2015  |     in a row. She is a leader in the field of social media and digital marketing, and is highly sought after as a dance performer and dance teacher in the New York City dance community. Ashani is on staff at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City, and teaches Advanced Jazz classes for their Jazz & Contemporary Summer Intensive program.          

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