How To Cut Your Air Conditioning Costs

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Published on March 10, 2014

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How To Cut Your Air Conditioning Costs: How To Cut Your Air Conditioning Costs When the temperatures begin to rise, many people will thank the inventor of the air conditioner. Today's modern AC units are vast improvements over those early energy-guzzling models. However, that doesn't mean your power bill won't spike with constant use. Here are some helpful hints about how you can keep your air con in Brisbane running efficiently.   Plant Trees We all know our heat comes from the sun. This can turn our homes into tiny ovens if there is no proper shading. Consider planting some trees around your property that can act as a sun diffuser. For a small investment in trees, you could increase the energy output of your air con in Brisbane by up to 10 per cent.   Proper Window Covers If trees aren't a viable option, you might try solar or mesh screens for your windows. These can cut down on the direct heat that would flow into your home and reduce the need for your AC to go into overdrive. You can also cover you windows with uniquely designed transparent film that reflects the heat preventing it from permeating through the glass.   Let The Temps Rise When You're Out It makes no sense to cool off your home if you're not there to enjoy the refreshing temperature. On your way out, turn up the thermostat. This can save you up to 15 per cent on your monthly electric bills.   Go For The Fan Not every scorching day requires your air conditioning to run at full blast. On those days, turn off the AC and let a portable fan hit you with a cool breeze. Fans also help when they can circulate the air. This cuts down on perspiring.   Head Below If you're fortunate enough to have a basement in your home, then you might want to use this space for your family room. Because heat rises, your basement will be the coolest spot in your house. That means you won't be using the air conditioner as much. When it is humid outside, keep the basement windows closed. That warm air can stir up condensation, which is not something you want to deal with. PowerPoint Presentation: Time For Microwave Cooking As tempting as it might to be to bake a pie in the warm weather, you might want to hold off on using the oven. Anytime you turn on the stove, you're going to be causing the temperature in your home to go up which will have you reaching for the AC thermostat. If you must, bake after the sun has gone down.   Give Your AC A Checkup Hopefully, you had the proper Brisbane air conditioning installation for your unit. However, like any other piece of machinery, your AC will need occasional maintenance. Whoever provided your Brisbane air conditioning installation should have told you about filter replacement and drain clean out. This is something you should look into every six months if your unit is in constant use. If you feel uncomfortable maintaining your unit, then bring in a professional. They'll have you up and running no time!   A Grade Air are Brisbane air conditioning specialists. For more information visit

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