How To Find a Quicker Path Through the Alert / Alarm Jungle

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Published on August 5, 2014

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How to Find a Quicker Path Through the Alert/Alarm Jungle : How to Find a Quicker Path Through the Alert/Alarm Jungle SQL Server DBA Professionals Feeling outnumbered?: Feeling outnumbered? In environments that see the SQL DBA outnumbered five to ten times by servers, efficient monitoring and troubleshooting are more important than ever.  This feeling is compounded for those among us who are accidental DBAs. Feeling lost?: Feeling lost? How do you make SQL Server management more efficient when most days feel like you’re lost in a jungle, with alerts and alarms clamoring for your attention from all corners of the environment? The right SQL tools are your guide through the jungle. You can’t boil the ocean: You can’t boil the ocean The fact is, the “boil the ocean” approach to SQL Server troubleshooting and diagnostics just isn’t feasible. As a SQL DBA, you simply cannot afford to be bombarded with 50 potential problems and be able to effectively prioritize them and focus on the most critical ones. Prioritize first: Prioritize first Drilling down into details is something you can do with a lot more confidence if your SQL tools have helped you prioritize first. You’ll be more assured of not chasing a dead end (or an issue that should be resolved later) and know you’re working on the highest priority stuff first. Dell’s monitoring and prioritization tools put you three clicks from a solution. Download Now A map through the jungle: A map through the jungle Your SQL Server monitoring and diagnostic tool should give you an extremely simple and intuitive view of what the priority issues are, with rapid drill-down into critical details. What you currently have to do: Get comprehensive information on query performance See the performance history of a SQL Server instance, system waits and I/O latency Discover which instance needs attention first There’s a better way: There’s a better way If your SQL Server “jungle” spans a wide area and your alerts and alarms are numerous, there’s a better way: Monitoring systems available now can deliver quick, readily digestible graphical views of your environment, its health, and performance – such as innovative “ heat map” representations – that can cut your investigative time from hours to seconds. There’s a better way: There’s a better way Now users of SQL Server Management Studio can monitor all their connections via a heatmap , alarms list, and realtime diagnostics for FREE . Once installed and configured, users can monitor their connections immediately. Download Now There’s a better way: There’s a better way The powerful monitoring features communicate important information regarding the status of connections. Severity is color coded so it’s easy to see at a glance what needs your attention. You also get a FREE system health Check, performance h ealth a nalysis, and comprehensive information about your most expensive queries. Download FREE Plugin Learn More Download FREE Plugin Learn More Learn More: Learn More Click to learn more about SQL Server monitoring tools . To read the original post Click Here .

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