How to Host a Clothing Drive Fundraiser for Your School

Information about How to Host a Clothing Drive Fundraiser for Your School

Published on August 3, 2014

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How to Host a Clothing Drive Fundraiser for Your School: How to Host a Clothing Drive Fundraiser for Your School Introduction: Introduction There are many different ways to raise money for your school. For example, you can organize a bake sale, a crafts sale, a talent show or a school fair... Have you ever thought of hosting a clothing drive? It's an easy way to raise money for your school, while doing some good for your community, and for our planet. Find out more about clothing drives. About clothing drives: About clothing drives Clothing drives are an excellent way to raise money. Instead of ending up in the trash, clothes that are donated to clothing drives will be recycled, or reused. Clothing drives help reduce waste. Clothes that are in great condition, or that get recycled and turned into other items, will be sold for low prices to people who can't afford new clothes. Find the right company: Find the right company You can organize your clothing drive on your own, but it may be easier to work with a company that specializes in hosting clothing drives and recycling clothes, especially if this is your first time. Look online, and choose a company that shares your values, and that will make things easier for you, while helping you raise the money you need for your school. What to collect: What to collect For your clothing drive, you can of course collect children's clothing, women's clothing and men's clothing, in usable condition, as much as possible. But clothes are not the only donations accepted. You can also collect bed sheets and comforters, drapes, belts, purses, hats, and more. Shoes can also be accepted, although shoe drives are specifically conceived to collect them. What happens to donations?: What happens to donations? Are you wondering what will happen to the donations you collect, and how they will help you raise money? Clothing drives companies that receive your donations will first make sure they are in good condition. The donations in usable condition will then be sold for low prices to people who can't afford to buy new items, either in your community, or in different third world countries. Damaged donations: Damaged donations Clothing items that are not in good condition can easily be recycled: for example, they can be turned into yarn, that will be used to create brand new, beautiful items. Damaged or stained clothes that can't be turned into yarn can be used to create wiping rags, to make sure that every item donated lives a second life instead of ending up in a landfill. Make it successful: Make it successful Clothing drives companies can help you host your drive and raise money for your school. However, it's up to you to make your clothing drive as successful as possible, by spreading the word about it. Of course, you will have to advertise your event within your school, but don't forget to use social medias and to contact your local newspapers and radio stations. Conclusion: Conclusion If you prefer hosting your clothing drive without any help, you can do so. You will then have to sell the donations you collect to a recycling company so you can raise money. No matter what you choose to do, you can rest assured that hosting a clothing drive will be rewarding for your school, for your community and for our environment. PowerPoint Presentation: Want to learn more about clothing drives and fundraisers? Visit

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