How To Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Information about How To Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Published on July 15, 2014

Author: Qualdev



PowerPoint Presentation: Focus A Little More On Retention Than On Acquisition Providing a better customer experience increases customer lifetime value. How to do that is of importance and any company that is into search engine optimization services or any other online services should pay attention to the points mentioned here. PowerPoint Presentation: Personalize Your Customer’s Experience Consumer behavior comes into play here yet again. Imagine yourself as a customer and landing on a site like amazon that lets you see a home page tailored just for you! This means, amazon creates recommendations on your past behavior on the site and your homepage will display recommendations that cater to only your needs and nobody else’s. This gives you a sense of being special and being treated with a lot of importance. How about doing the same to your customers? It will win them, for a lifetime. You can also use remarketing using help of search engine optimization service provider. PowerPoint Presentation: Keep Your Word On Delivery Timings This is crucial. You might promise them 5 days and deliver in 10 and that will only spell disaster. You will lose not one customer but many more owing to word of mouth. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Be honest and specify exactly the time their order will take to reach them. Wherever you are unsure of unforeseen problems that might hinder the delivery, text your customers about it. Give a window so that they are aware of the time limit. Nobody wants to wait for a package forever. Be nice to your customers and they will be nice to you. PowerPoint Presentation: Their loyalty deserve something in return Yes! It deserves some kind of reward to make them proud long term customers. This is sure to win them for a lifetime. You can create some kind of an online club for all the loyal customers or show your gratitude over social media to them individually. This works well for both you and the customer! You get attention for being kind to your long term customers and the customer feels good about the fact that you are not ignorant of their loyalty towards you brand. PowerPoint Presentation: These are a few points to be remembered when you want your customers to be with your brand for a lifetime. In any field online, whether it is search engine optimization services , ecommerce sites or web development, you need to make sure your customers are not missing out on anything. Any industry is a service industry these days. Products do matter but services are what make a brand. To live up to your own name, customers are what you need, for a lifetime indeed. PowerPoint Presentation: Address: QualDev 179B Old South Path, Melville, NY – 11747 Phone: 631.236.5408 Fax: 631.961.8780 Email: [email protected] PowerPoint Presentation: Visit Us

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