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Published on July 12, 2014

Author: moeldaw83



How to learn English : How to learn English Written by: Mohammed Eldaw PowerPoint Presentation: Hello everyone First of all I am not an english teacher , I just want to share my experience with you about learning english . PowerPoint Presentation: English language isn’t difficult , but it need effort and hard working , and I just want to give you some steps to learn it : Desire : Desire to learn english you should have the desire , but if you don’t have the desire , you won’t be able to learn it . Do mistake: Do mistake even th professionals do mitakes and , so do mistakes and gradually you will improve . Patience : Patience The process of learning need time , that ‘s exactly happen in english , so to learn english you need to be patient . Listen more: Listen more : there a lot of websites that you can download audios and podcast s to your mobile phone or your I pad such as british, , Read english materials: Read english materials Read materials such stories ,newspapers ,tales, articles, the more you read , the more you improve in learning English. Memorize vacublaries: Memorize vacublaries Any languae is bsed on vacublaries, the more you memorize vocabluries , the more you learn faster. Use phrases: Use phrases what I mean here is use the words in phrases , and try to use them when you speak or write . Practice practice practice: Practice practice practice last but not the least you should practice , try to find people they speak English and speak to them. Learning English websites: : Learning English websites: English with mister Duncan . PowerPoint Presentation: Thanks

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