How to maintain your air conditioner

Information about How to maintain your air conditioner

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ddair



About Making Your A/C Keep Going: About Making Your A/C Keep Going By PowerPoint Presentation: Caring for the filters: Hire a good air condition service company to keep your filters clean and dust-free for proper air flow. Repair leaks, if any, and replace old and time-worn filters without fail. PowerPoint Presentation: Cleaning the evaporator coil: Clean up dirty evaporator coils of your A/C. Always remember to keep the coil moist-free. A damp evaporator will invite more dirt and microbes and disable efficient air flow. PowerPoint Presentation: Attending to the condenser coil: The condenser coil is needed to keep the hot air away. Regularly clean the coil. Also, keep a check on distortions that happen easily. PowerPoint Presentation: Temperature check: Always make sure that the difference between the temperature before and after cooling is not less than 14 degrees. A degree of temperature less than this may point towards a big problem. PowerPoint Presentation:  Avoiding the covers: Keep your A/C under proper ventilation and never, ever use covers. Wrapping up an A/C may lead to poor air conditioning and even fire hazards. Breathe healthy air and stay safe!

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