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Published on June 13, 2016




1. Marketing support at its Best! 2016

2.  Will show you unique eCents Marketing capabilities and orientation can support you- the corporate marketeer  You will get to know some success stories of corporates served by eCents Marketing  Get to know the variety of services that can boost your Sales/Brand awareness 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 2

3. Marketing support at its Best!  That the business world is shifting towards electronic based transactions and interactions is not in doubt and eCents Marketing is the fruit of such strategic alignment towards that reality.

4.  At eCents Marketing, we strive to offer the best marketing support using all practical e-based methods to enhance Client’s brand/product performance in a cents friendly manner. 06/13/16 Marketing support at its best! 4

5.  eCents Marketing Ltd is a professional marketing support firm based in Kilimani,Nairobi  We specialize in providing people-centred marketing support services to the corporate sector  We have a depth of experience in marketing spanning over 20 years  Established in 2014 and whose precursor was Smart Beaver Ltd(est.2007) 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 5

6.  eCents Marketing prides itself on the innovativeness, speed and executional excellence in the service that we offer clients as we strive to offer added value in everything that we do.  Our work ethos demands that we delight the customer at all times in service delivery. 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 6

7. Marketing support at its Best!  Our Vision: ‘To delight the customer consistently’  Our Mission: Our mission is to deliver timely, effective and professional people-based marketing support services with a touch of technology, that meets and surpasses our client’s expectations consistently.

8. Marketing support at its Best!

9.  At eCents Marketing, we like to partner with our clients to give them solutions that meet the unique client’s situation and needs.  Each project we handle involves on the ground application based on long-term thought.  As a result, we DO NOT offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We DO OFFER customized solutions for each specific trade marketing need.  We work with you to design, develop and organize activities that will achieve immediate, desired results and impact on the targets.06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 9

10. Marketing support at its Best!  Field Marketing Market Surveys  In-store demonstrations -Mystery Shopper Exercises  Merchandising -Judging of Display Competitions  Street activations -Dip-stick surveys  Poster, Flier distribution -Customer Surveys  Sales Support  Retail selling  Reseller recruitment  Reseller management  Route to Market

11.  Franklin Masinde, as the Chief Activator leads an energetic, youthful team with a passionate drive to excel.  He has 20 years of experience in the field of FMCG,ICT marketing as well as service marketing.  This experience was horned when working for global market leaders such as GlaxoSmithKline, Sara Lee, East African Educational Publishers & MTN Business among others. He is also well- versed with the Kenyan as well as the Eastern Africa markets.06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 11

12.  We are driven by a high level of marketing professionalism and a thirst for using technology to enhance efficiency.  We listen very keenly to client’s TRADE channel /BUSINESS marketing needs and respond promptly with a tailor made solution designed specifically to meet our CLIENT’S objective. 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 12

13.  The Challenge: To increase familiarity of ‘Burn’ Energy drink amongst potential users as internal research had revealed that it was more appealing to the palate than market leader-Red Bull  The Solution: Ecents proposed product sampling for Class B,C1 within Nairobi at Petro food marts & sampled over 1560 PFM customers with feedback being captured on hardcopy forms.  Results: Grew Burn Energy Drink sales by upto 15% within the Nairobi Petro Food 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 13

14. Marketing support at its Best!

15.  The Challenge: Kenya Red Cross, owners of Emergency Rescue Service(E-Plus),offered to mainly Insurance companies, wanted to broaden their customer base.KRC wanted to recruit those customers who use their services without the intervention from Insurance companies but did not know how to reach them  The Solution: Proposed to increase awareness of E-Plus to target audience directly and demonstrate benefits  The Results: Generated well over 450 new and direct leads over a 6week period 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 15

16. Marketing support at its Best!

17.  The Challenge: Cirio Delmonte wanted to test the possible uptake of 200ml Tetrapak juice within the low-income Nairobi areas  The Solution:Offered direct sales to retail outlets within very low-income areas via bicycle sales team  The Results: Increased offtake of ALL 6 variants from an average of 300 cases per day to 450(50% increase) 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 17

18. Marketing support at its Best!

19.  The Challenge: With an effective Sales team, a collaborative merchandising team and highly competitive Nakumatt branches during your Display Competition, you can endanger those relationships by any false results.  The Solution: Offer Colgate-Palmolive (Protex brand) an unbiased, independent team to assess ALL displays in the course of the competition  The Results: Widely accepted results by all stakeholders and significant share of shelf growth 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 19

20. Marketing support at its Best!

21. 06/13/16Marketing support at its best! 21

22. Marketing support at its Best!  Keroche Breweries  Paykonnect  PZC Cussons, Poodz pudding  Kenya Red Cross(Emergency Rescue Service)  Johnson & Johnson  Colgate-Palmolive(EA) Ltd  Fresh Del monte Inc.  Beverage Services of Kenya  New KCC,Tetrapak,Marketing Africa

23. Marketing support at its Best!! Contact us: Frank Masinde eCents Marketing Limited Tel: 020-2035321/0715 750 450 [email protected] [email protected]

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