How To Propose a Boy

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Published on August 4, 2014

Author: jamestvega



How To Propose a boy: How To Propose a boy Created by James T. Vega Overview: Overview Proposing a boy is really very tough task for every girl. If you fell in love and you want to know that the guy loves you or not. Check out the lead and romantic ways of proposing a guy. Choose the right time: Choose the right time Choosing the right to tell about your feelings to your guy. It will make your proposing very easy You can also be with him on all special days like new year, birthday or any special occasions. Romantic and passionate: Romantic and passionate Make sure your proposal should be romantic and passionate. Do something special will definitely melt his heart and he also get over love with you. If he say yes or no, it can all dependent on your way of proposing. Gifts: Gifts Make sure you should buy any favorite gifts to him. It may be include greeting cards, wallpapers or any valentines day gifts for him . It can impress your guy to accept your proposal. Places to propose : Places to propose Go to beach and write any lovable words like will you marry me? on that sea sands. Send any flowers with your own quote t his home. Go restaurant and order the juice and put the ring into the bottom of the glass. It will make amazing him to find it.

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