How to stop wasting money on marketing your online course

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Published on June 30, 2020

Author: tommykas



1. TOM LIBELT How To Stop Wasting Money On Marketing Your Online Course

2. Who Is This Guy? ● Have been in sales and marketing over 15 years ● Owned three brick and mortar businesses ● Runs a Course Marketing Agency & an SEO Agency ● Worked with 150+ course creators ● Responsible for over 7 figures in course sales in the last 12 months ● More info at

3. How many online courses can you sell? All of them

4. Strategy and Tactics To Start Paid Ads 1. Track Your Marketing 2. Find Your Message 3. Rack The Shotgun 4. Narrow in & Scale

5. 1. Track Your Marketing Google and Facebook lie about their numbers. They are usually off by 30% when it comes to conversions (over or underreported). Google Analytics does a poor job when traffics jumps between platforms. You should know how users interact with your key pages.

6. Sales Funnel Tracking - Traffic Overview

7. Where is my traffic coming from?

8. Reverse Engineering Sales

9. Heat Maps

10. The Tools we Use 1. Heat Map - Key Pages (Hot Jar - Free) 2. Entire Sales Conversation (Funnelytics - Not Free) (Our Service to get Funnelytics at 80% off)

11. 2. Find Your Message Whenever possible you want to use your current audience to test your messaging before testing other platforms. It is the most cost effective thing to do. This means starting with the platform you are used to (ex: email list, facebook, Linkedin etc…)

12. Create Variations Test 1 - We typically start with 6 variations. On FB it might be a variation of 2 images & 3 pieces of copy & 6 headlines. Ad 1 - Image 1 | Copy 1 | Headline 1 Ad 2 - Image 2 | Copy 1 | Headline 2 Ad 3 - Image 1 | Copy 2 | Headline 3

13. Create Variations Test 2 - Define the message Let’s say Ad 1 & Ad 3 from Test 1 showed best results. Image 1 | Copy 1 or 2 | Headline 1 or 3

14. What This Looks Like

15. 3. Rack The Shotgun Now you pick the platforms where you think your clients hang out and use the “message” from the previous step to test the waters. Ex: Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Adwords, Youtube, Facebook etc… I like to start with three or four unless you have a large budget.

16. Rack The Shotgun

17. The Answers are in the Data If you are tracking your marketing then it is easy to see which of the platforms is bringing in the sales. Reverse Engineer the traffic. The platforms that are not working should be shut off fast.

18. 4. Narrow in and Scale Double down and perfect one platform before moving on the next. It only takes one traffic source (audience) and one message (always run small tests with variations) to make mid six figures with paid ads. My usual methods On FB & IG: Remarketing > Lookalikes > Custom Audiences Adwords: Specific keywords > phrases > broad Youtube: Target specific videos > channels > keywords

19. What you think is working

20. What is actually working

21. Don’t Stop Testing Nothing works forever. If you create an amazing ad… start testing others in case it fails.

22. Don’t Stop Testing

23. Don’t Stop Testing

24. Don’t Stop Testing

25. Biggest Takeaway **Don’t spend one dollar on marketing without proper tracking in place.**

26. Our Service If you’d like to finally track your marketing efforts properly (and help with initial setup): FILL THE GAP IN YOUR FUNNEL OFFER →

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