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Published on July 23, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Human Resource Management HRM PowerPoint Presentation: Human Resource Management HRM suggests that to pick, Develop, inspire and Maintain human resources, within the organization. It initial selects the proper human resources or workers. It trains and develops them. It motivates them by giving them recognition and rewards. It additionally provides them with the simplest operating conditions. PowerPoint Presentation: Key Component of HRM PowerPoint Presentation: Key Element of HRM HRM allow enterprises to automate several aspects of human resource management, with the twin edges of reducing the employment of the unit of time department also as increasing the potency of the department by standardizing unit of time processes. presently Human Resource Management Systems have the subsequent key modules: Organization Payroll Time & Attendance Benefits Administration HR Management Information System Recruiting Training Employee Self-Service Reports PowerPoint Presentation: Model of HRM Strategic HRM Strategic Choice Strategies Management Strategic role of HR Strategic Analysis HR Strategic- Overall / Specifies PowerPoint Presentation: Scope of HRM Human Resource Planning Acquisition Function Placement Function Performance Appraisal Career Development Training and Development Quality of Work Life Employees' Welfare Compensation Function Labour Relations Maintenance Function PowerPoint Presentation: Characteristics of HRM The characteristics of HRM concept as they emerged from the writing of the pioneers an slates commentators are that it is Divers Strategic with an emphasis on integration Commitment – oriented Based on the belief the people should be treated as assets Unitary rather than pluralist, individualistic rather than collective in its approach to employee relation A management driven activity the delivery of HRM is a line management responsibility Focused on business values PowerPoint Presentation: Human Resource Planning Meaning – Assessment of Human Resource Requirements & also the time & stages of requirement. Right person -At Right place -At Right time. Definition – HRP is defined as the process by which management determines how an org should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position. PowerPoint Presentation: Function of HR Planning Organizing Directing Controlling Staffing Development Compensation Motivation Maintenance Integration Management Function Objective Function PowerPoint Presentation: What is Purpose of HRM Human Resource management is predicated within the economical utilization of staff in achieving 2 main goals at intervals a company or different variety of organization. The 1st goal is to effectively build use of the skills and skills of staff to attain the operational objectives that square measure the final word aim of the organization. in conjunction with realizing the goals of the organization, Human Resource management additionally seeks to make sure that the individual worker is happy with each the operating setting and therefore the compensation and edges that he or she receives. PowerPoint Presentation: Policy Goal of HRM Managing people as assets that are fundamental to the competitive advantages of the organization Aligning HRM Polices with business polices and corporate strategy Developing a close fit of HR policies, procedures and system with on another Crating a flatter and more flexible organization capable of responding more quickly to change Empowering employees to manage their won self-development and learning Developing reward strategies designed to support a performance-driven culture Improving employee involvement through better internal communication Building grater employee commitment to the organization Increasing line management responsibility for HR polices Developing the facilitating role of managers as enablers PowerPoint Presentation: Future of HR Management HRM as a Process Continuous Process Focus on Objectives Universal Application Integrated use of Subsystems Multidisciplinary Develops Team Spirit Develops Staff Potentialities Key Elements for solving problems Long Term Benefits PowerPoint Presentation: Thanks… For more information about HR management system, Download HR training presentation ppt kit, which helps user to learn and train all staff to implement better system. Visit @ Contact us at: [email protected]

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