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Published on March 12, 2020

Author: AliceGrant10

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1. STRIM S-LOG29 Nov 2019 Andrew — Shopping loger I got my cat a new cat tower!

2. “ Climbing is hard-wired as a way of life for cats.” #cat #cattower #zookeeper

3. Why I decided to get a cat tower Cats make use of both horizontal and vertical aspects of the environment, yet they rely on vertical areas for safety, comfort and certainly for fun. I once thought providing my cat with vertical options was just a luxury, but it came to my mind that height is actually a crucial part of feline life: Cats feel safe when they're high up.

4. Climbing is hard-wired as a way of life for cats. Back in the days when cats stayed in the wild, a higher place serves as a concealed site from which to hunt and climbing was a survival value for cats.

5. Installing my first cat tower When I first introduced the tower to my cat, he seemed reluctant to use it. It took a couple days of snacks and catnip to get my cat interested. I also played his favorite feather toy around the tower, nudging him to climb on the tower to snatch.

6. How high should it be? This differs from cats to cats. Some cats love to climb, some cats are afraid of too much height, so you need to know your cat's preference. You might also want to stick to low height ones if your cat is having problem with exercising due to its age, pregnancy, or joint condition. I have a single cat, so I'd assume I didn't need that much height: a simple two-leveled tower was enough to entertain my cat.

7. Material of the tower I wanted the material to be wood as it is long-lasting, durable, and the increased weight would make it stable and sturdy than any other materials. As I've heard faux fur and particle board gets easily worn out and molds grow from the inside, I chose not to consider any of those options. The cat tree needs to be sturdy enough so it doesn’t tip over when your kitty jumps or climbs on it. If it does topple over, your cat can get startled and might stop using it. Just look at the base design of the cat tree to determine if it was made for sturdiness or for aesthetics.

8. Final decision: 31" Ostler Cubic Cat Tree The price is fairly affordable, the assembly was simple, and the built-quality is great. My cat is medium sized, about 15lb, and the structure haven't wobbled once since assembly. I also like how the perches are covered with these amazing memory foam pads, and how the neutral-toned modern look seamlessly fits to my home as a unique decorative piece. Highly satisfied with the purchase after all.◼

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