Identifying Critical Safety Issues in Concrete Floors

Information about Identifying Critical Safety Issues in Concrete Floors

Published on July 20, 2014

Author: FourFloors



PowerPoint Presentation: Identifying Critical Safety Issues In Concrete Floors 4 Floors PowerPoint Presentation: Safety First Whether it’s a store, a public building, or a hospital, having safe floors is important. Slip and fall hazards are leading causes of injury and can carry high costs in terms of workers’ compensation, medical bills, and litigation. Eliminating slip and fall hazards, like loose cords and frayed rugs, is important, but making sure the floor itself is safe is also vital to minimizing risk. PowerPoint Presentation: Polished Concrete Improperly polished concrete floors can be a hazard because they can often have little slip resistance. Professional floor evaluation services can check your floors and equipment and make suggestions to ensure that your floors have sufficient slip resistance to prevent slips and falls. PowerPoint Presentation: Wood dividers in concrete can pose a trip hazard, particularly if there is too much space between the divider and the concrete. Even properly constructed concrete floors with wood dividers can become dangerous over time if the wood and the concrete begin to separate. Filing in these gaps can help mitigate the risk. Wood Dividers PowerPoint Presentation: Excessive moisture can be a major slip and fall hazard. Floors should be regularly evaluated to see if there are problem areas where leaks or moisture accumulation are common. Low spots on floors, areas under roof leaks, or areas of a floor near equipment producing condensation can develop moisture issues posing a serious risk. Moisture Issues PowerPoint Presentation: Stair Nosing Stair nosing helps to prevent falls by creating additional slip resistance on stairs. When stair nosing becomes worn or damaged, it becomes a hazard, as people can trip on loose material or slip on stairs that don’t have the slip resistance the stair nosing formerly provided. PowerPoint Presentation: Plasticizer that migrates out of vinyl or other tile covering a concrete floor may create bumps or divots in the floor that can contribute to a slip and fall hazard. Professional evaluators can examine your floors, determine if plasticizer migration is occurring and suggest ways to mitigate the problem. Plasticizer Problems PowerPoint Presentation: Rubber Rubber flooring placed over the wrong patching material can cause the flooring to rise up and pose slip and fall hazards. Agglomerated Stone Agglomerated stone exposed to moisture can have very little slip resistance, making people more prone to slip and fall injuries. PowerPoint Presentation: How 4 Floors Can Help 4 Floors can help businesses, organizations, and individuals by: Improving safety and limiting liability by identifying flooring hazards and suggesting strategies for mitigation. Testifying on behalf of plaintiffs in cases where a floor hazard contributed to injury. Testifying on behalf of defendants in cases where falls happened but adequate care was taken to prevent falls. PowerPoint Presentation: About 4 Floors 4 Floors provides forensic slip and fall investigative services to a variety of businesses and organizations. 4 Floors can help establish the facts in a slip and fall matter, better arming clients with the information they need to prevail in court. 4 Floors’ clientele is half plaintiffs, half defendants. To learn more, visit or call 818-991-4300.

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