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Published on July 7, 2014

Author: allisonkucharczy



Linda Woodrum: Linda Woodrum Allison Kucharczyk IDES 140 HGTV Dream house 2014: HGTV Dream house 2014 PowerPoint Presentation: HGTV DREAM HOUSE 2014 HGTV Green home 2012: HGTV Green home 2012 Woodrum’s Design Philosophy: Woodrum’s Design Philosophy In the HGTV Dream Home, the sitting room that connects the main part of the house to the guest quarters didn't have those dominant views, so I really was starting from scratch. Lake Lure in winter is a cold, mountainous area where the trees all lose their leaves and it’s very brown. It made me remember how much I miss spring now that I live in the South. Spring in the Northeast is so powerful — you have the gray gloominess of winter, and the first green of spring is a wonderful time of anticipation and expectation . -Linda Woodrum “ “ ” Bibliography : Bibliography http:// http:// http://

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